Xirrus´ Rapid Deployment Wi-Fi Network Provides Backbone for Advance Concepts´ Interactive Presentation Capabilities

Westlake Village, CA–March 6, 2007–Xirrus, Inc., the only provider of high-performance, long-range Wi-Fi products, announced that Advance Concepts has deployed Xirrus Wi-Fi Arrays at several conferences providing a completely self-contained, rapid deployment Wi-Fi network; allowing attendees to download presentations, support materials and take notes in real-time to enhance their conference experience.

"When Complete Conference Management came to us with the idea of offering the attending doctors the ability to download presentations as they became ready in the speaker ready room, we knew a high performance Wi-Fi network was the way to go," said Phil Joseph, president of Advance Concepts. "We went with Xirrus because their solution was quick and easy, bullet proof and easy to set up, allowing up to 400 doctors to download 4MB files quickly and with minimal hand holding."

"The Wi-Fi Array continues to perform flawlessly at each of Advance Concepts´ events including a recent conference at the Westin Diplomat in Hollywood Florida where each Wi-Fi Array handled more than 200 users who downloaded more than 20,000 files over the six day event," said John DiGiovanni, director of marketing for Xirrus. "With an average file size of 1MB that translated into a huge amount of traffic highlighting the scalability and resiliency of the Array."

Advance Concepts delivers audio and visual support enabling a wide range of presentation capabilities. By using the latest in Wi-Fi technology, Advance Concepts allows its customers to deliver their presentations in new and innovative ways. The overall goal of the Xirrus Wi-Fi network is to improve the experience of conference attendees, whether it is for 10 or 10,000 people, and enable new applications such as video to be used as commonplace as a slide deck.

Handle Huge Amounts of Flash Traffic–Quick and Easy Setup

Advance Concepts had its work cut out for them. Providing an easy to use, quick to set up, high performance Wi-Fi network for hundreds of doctors, nurses and other members of the medical community during a conference is no easy task. The network needed to support large numbers of users and significant amounts of "flash" traffic. Additionally, the Wi-Fi network needed to be up and running quickly with only two administrators to run it.

Due to the extended coverage area of the Wi-Fi Array and its high degree of integration of core networking elements, a limited number of devices are needed making it easy to set up and run. Time and cost considerations including the number of access points, cabling, switch ports and labor were critical in choosing Xirrus as the Wi-Fi solution. Advance Concepts had tested other Wi-Fi solutions that weren´t capable of meeting their needs.

About Advance Concepts

Advance Concepts was established in 1982 as an audio-visual presentation company. Today they produce major corporate and medical events from concept through final production, while offering set design, computer graphic & animation support, presentation networking, AV equipment rental and technical support.

Advance Concepts is a major force in the field of producing medical conferences throughout the US. For intensive multi-day conferences, a technologically enhanced environment can be created utilizing the latest in a wide, multi-window screen, HD projection and international fiber optic and satellite live transmissions. Live video broadcasts are sent to the venue site from remote hospitals located throughout the world. An audience of 1,000 to10,000 view live demonstrations of the latest techniques in medical science and may interact with doctors and surgeons as they perform complex procedures.

For information on Advance Concepts, visit www.advanceconcepts.com.

About Xirrus

Xirrus is the award-winning leader in high performance, long range Wi-Fi. Xirrus manufactures the patented Wi-Fi Array platform that integrates up to 16 radios with an onboard Gigabit Switch, Wi-Fi Controller, Firewall, and dedicated Wi-Fi Threat Sensor into a single device. The Xirrus solution delivers 2X the range, 4X the coverage, 14X the throughput, and requires 75% less devices, cabling, switch ports, and installation time compared to any competitive solution. Xirrus Wi-Fi Arrays are ideal for any organization deploying Wi-Fi, especially those that require support for large coverage areas, dense user populations, and high bandwidth applications.
Xirrus is a privately-held company headquartered in Westlake Village, California. For more information, please visit www.xirrus.com.

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