Chatsworth Data Launches New Family of Forms Data Capture Technology

March 7, 2007. Chatsworth, CA. Chatsworth Data Corporation introduces its Mark-IT 2000 family of optical mark readers (OMR), offering more data capture flexibility and processing functionality than previous generations of OMR scanning technology, while maintaining the low cost, compact design, high reliability, and low maintenance features for which Chatsworth OMR technology has become recognized worldwide.

"The 2000 series is a more versatile alternative to our Mark IT 1000 family of OMR readers," said Chatsworth President Stewart Asbury. "Based on the industry´s leading microprocessor technology, the new family offers duplex reading and thermal printing capabilities that make them ideal for gaming, lottery, health records management, education and vote tabulation applications."

The 2000 series include hand-fed units designed to read double-sided forms quickly and easily in a single pass while eliminating common user errors automatically. It includes the intelligence to detect forms that have been inserted upside down and will read forms inserted in either direction, thus eliminating the need for operator presorting. The first model in the series, the Mark-IT 2220, has been successfully rolled out and tested in high-demand, production level environments and is now available for general release.

"More than 5,000 of the Mark-IT 2220 units were successfully deployed in the November Los Angeles County elections," noted Asbury, "and as reported in the LA Times, they worked like a charm."

Occupying approximately 6-1/2" x 4" of space and weighing just 4 pounds, the Mark-IT 2220 incorporates an accessible card path design that allows users quick access to the card path and optic lens, which easily allows for clearing obstructions and cleaning the lens. The unique design reduces the need for service calls and common maintenance problems, but still provides highly accurate data and reader reliability. The Mark-IT 2220 reads 1,500 to 1,800 forms per hour.

"The Mark-IT 2220 is in a class by itself," Asbury said. "It´s durable, easy to use, highly precise and can support numerous applications with a reliability rate that is second to none."

About Chatsworth

Chatsworth Data Corporation is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Chatsworth Data Solutions, Inc. (OTCBB: CHWD.OB). Located in Chatsworth, CA, the company has been trusted worldwide for 35 years as a leading provider of innovative, highly accurate and economically priced intelligent data capture technology. Chatsworth provides the front end optical mark sensing and image scanning systems designed to meet the forms capture and document management needs of value added resellers, system integrators and applications developers who embed Chatsworth technology into solutions tailored for several key markets. Chief among them are gaming, educational testing, elections, surveying, and intelligence gathering. Over a million reader and optical head assemblies have been sold by the company to date, making Chatsworth one of the leading providers of forms data capture technology. The company also develops impact recording devices for packaging, shipping, insurance and transportation companies as well as organizations that manufacture fragile or sensitive products.

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