U.S. game-console ownership rising rapidly

CNET reports that the media research company Nielson has released a study entitled “The State of the Console,” which was conducted from the fourth-quarter 2004 through the fourth-quarter 2006. This study found that the number of United States households with televisions that also have video game consoles has risen from 38.6 million to 45.7 million homes in those two years–an 18 percent increase. According to Nielson, this study was the first in a projected series of studies on the video game industry. It also announced last year the debut of its GamePlay Metrics, which will offer statistics on console use, and the games played on them. In addition, Nielson also investigate the television networks most frequently watched by console users. Cartoon and pop-culture channels ranked high on the list, while Nicktoons channel ranked at the top, while the Adult Swim channel placed second. Sports network ESPN failed to crack the top 20…


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