Etraffic Solutions launch online student data analysis tool in New Jersey

Student Performance SnapShot, an online student data analysis tool built for Florida schools, made its New Jersey debut this month. Three school districts, Delran, Millville and Warren Hills, will pilot the product from now until the end of the school year.

Developed by elearning company Etraffic Solutions, SP SnapShot found success in Florida, an accountability leader in the United States.

"We believe that New Jersey is the perfect place to expand in 2007," said Wayne Poncia, CEO of SP SnapShot.

"New Jersey is adopting standardized testing. Educators need to make sense of all this incoming data. SnapShot can extract, manage, and analyze test results and present a school´s data in easy-to-understand tables and graphs. Educators can then make informed decisions regarding student achievement and school improvement. It´s that easy."

The three pilot districts are currently receiving training on how to use the product. The company is looking for feedback and any recommended enhancements from the schools before a state-wide launch in the Fall of 2007.

Poncia believes that New Jersey, like Florida, will embrace SP SnapShot.

"First, you´ve got to get schools to understand and agree that using student data to increase achievement is important," said Poncia, a former school administrator. "Second, you simply show them how SnapShot can benefit their school. It can be a learning process before they see the power of student data analysis but once they see it they enthusiastically embrace it."

"SnapShot can do a lot of great things for New Jersey schools," continued Poncia. "It can help plan school improvement initiatives. It can create individual student learning plans. And it can pinpoint areas for professional planning and student improvement. Once the schools see the power of what SnapShot can do, they will want it in their school."

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