Kinetic Books Adds Print to Its Offerings

SEATTLE, Mar 20 2007 — Kinetic Books Company, Inc., an innovative
publisher of interactive curriculum, today announced that the company
will provide a low-cost printed textbook option as part of its
curriculum offerings. Prior to today, the company´s interactive
textbooks were available in print format only from web pages or .pdf

Although instructors and students relish interactive curriculum, some
schools and districts have expressed interest in purchasing a print
version of the textbook to supplement the full-featured, rigorous,
computer-based curriculum.

"Students don´t always have access to a computer," said Mark Bretl, vice
president of Kinetic Books. "By adding an optional print format to our
textbooks, we give students and teachers an affordable alternative that
saves them the time of printing the .pdf file that is already on the

Unlike bundled textbooks from other publishers, which can cost over
$100, Kinetic Books is offering the print version of its textbooks for
$15. All the expository materials and problems are available in the new
print versions, although the interactive components will still be
available only on the company´s digital products.

Kinetic TextbooksT were written from the ground up to take advantage of
the computer, and in addition to traditional text include hours of
audio, hundreds of simulations, and thousands of animations that are
designed to present physics concepts in approachable ways to students of
all learning styles. Prices for the digital textbook still start at
$24.95 per student.

Bretl continued, "Though the print version does not include the
interactive components of our digital textbook, the combination of the
two provides the flexibility requested by students, schools and
districts while delivering higher quality curriculum at an affordable

The printed texts to Kinetic Books´ "Principles of Physics" and "Physics
for Scientists and Engineers" may be ordered immediately as a $15.00
addition. They will ship this summer.

About Kinetic Books CompanyR:

Kinetic Books Company creates and publishes Kinetic Textbooks, the next
generation of digital curriculum. Kinetic Books textbooks and virtual
labs are used to teach students in hundreds of high schools and tertiary
institutions in 40 states and 15 countries. The company´s full line of
textbooks has been adopted in every state that has gone through a
physics text approval process since Kinetic Books introduced its
products in 2005.

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