Loyola Academy Sees Gains In Productivity & Profitability With NetSupport School

"For the computer lab, we chose NetSupport over other applications because it performed well in the lab and in conjunction with our desktop security software. We were able to beta-test the application on 25 machines for a 30-day period, which was a realistic field test. Customer support for answering questions was readily available at the time. In addition, a colleague was happy with the NetSupport installation at his school.

Functionality and cost were key factors in our decision in regard to the Tablets.

We currently have NetSupport School installed in two computer labs, on a Tablet PC cart, and a computer in the front lobby which displays marketing video about Loyola Academy. The purpose of the lobby installation is to monitor and control that machine remotely from our tech department office. We are considering an install in a drop-in computer lab, to aid the lab coordinator in monitoring students at that location" comments Jan Stoner, Senior Lab Coordinator.

"The value of adding NetSupport to our network is that teachers can do just what you say they will be able to do: namely, instruct, monitor, and collaborate with students, either in a computer-lab setting or a classroom with Tablet computers or in the remote lobby computer."

"Our gains are in both productivity and profitability. To every station in the new computer lab, we have projection capabilities which are much better than could have been realized with an overhead projector. We have full collaboration between teacher & students with the Tablet PC´s while using the same software in a computer lab with desktop PC´s. Not having to make an additional software purchase for screen-sharing in the lab and collaboration with the Tablet PC´s has lowered our TCO"

For more information about Loyola Academy, visit www.goramblers.org
For more information about NetSupport School, visit www.netsupportschool.com

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