BestQuest Teaching Systems Announces a Talent Search for the Next Excellent Example for Mr. Tu

LITTLE ROCK, Ark., March 22, 2007–In the Math´scool DVD program, Mr. Tu is a friendly, educated robot who informs and motivates students to learn mathematics. As part of this process he highlights real-world examples of math being used in careers. Now BestQuest is searching for the next "Excellent Example" for Mr. Tu to be included in their award-winning products. Teachers, administrators, and students are invited to nominate their favorite math teacher to be the next example for Mr. Tu!

Math educators for grades 5-9 in the continental United States are eligible to apply for the Mr. Tu´s Next Excellent Adventure Talent Search. "Getting students interested in math can be very challenging, especially when students are not grasping concepts. There are math teachers out there who embrace this challenge and truly inspire students to study math. This is the type of math teacher we hope to find and help draw visibility to his or her teaching methods with peers," said Joe Irby, founder and president of BestQuest Teaching Systems. "The more students who think it is cool to be good in math, the more individuals we will have interested in math careers when they graduate from high school."

Mr. Tu´s Next Excellent Adventure Talent Search will allow one educator to win a bounty of prizes: a classroom set of Math´scool, a chance to be featured in an upcoming BestQuest product, a Mr. Tu classroom premier party, and a professional development voucher to be used toward a regional NCTM conference.

Submissions for the talent search open June 1, 2007, and nominations will be accepted until October 15, 2007.

Each nomination may be submitted electronically via the web site or mailed to BestQuest Talent Search, BestQuest Teaching Systems, 10816 Executive Center Drive, Suite 109, Little Rock, Arkansas 72211. Entries must be postmarked no later than October 15, 2007. The winner will be notified in early December.

Submissions need to include:

*Three student quotes explaining why your nominated teacher should be the next Excellent Example for Mr. Tu,

*Two lesson plans created by the nominated teacher,

*A one-page description of why the teacher should be the next Excellent Example for Mr. Tu,

*A completed online questionnaire located at,

*A video submission of the nominated teacher in action (1-5 minutes in length).

For a complete listing of rules on the Mr. Tu´s Next Excellent Adventure Talent Search, visit the BestQuest Teaching Systems web site at or call toll-free 866-882-2665.

About BestQuest Teaching Systems
Founded in 2001, BestQuest Teaching Systems is creating Next Generation Education? programs for K-12 schools. Designed using state-of-the-art DVD technologies, BestQuest´s programs help teachers instruct by engaging students in course content and motivating them to learn. For company and product information, visit BestQuest Teaching Systems on the Web at or call 866-882-2665.

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