New Company Turns Student Writers into Published Authors

ELLICOTT CITY, Md., March 22, 2007 — Millions of adults
have dreamed of being published, but it´s their children who can now live the dream, thanks to a new and unique company devoted exclusively to real publishing for students – Word Ventures, Inc.

Word Ventures collects the writing of multiple students – usually from the same class or school – into professionally designed books that are carried online by Amazon, Borders, Target, and a host of other national and international booksellers. Even "real" bookstores and libraries can sell books published by Word Ventures.

"I created Word Ventures to give teachers and parents a powerful way to inspire and reward students´ best writing efforts," says founder and President, Michael Swartz. "But it´s really just an expansion of what teachers have been doing forever," he admits.

"Teachers have long motivated young students by collecting their writing into homemade ´books´ bound by cloth, yarn, plastic spirals, and the like," explains Swartz. "Word Ventures simply uses new technologies to improve on the idea, making it motivating to students of all ages."

Swartz says that he was adamant, during the development of Word Ventures, that the program maximize teacher control while minimizing their required time and effort. For example, while teachers decide everything about their
students´ book – type of writing, title, look, etc. – parents, not teachers, are responsible for emailing their children´s work to Word Ventures.

"Teachers can use Word Ventures in a variety of ways," Swartz explains. "One is simply as a grand new finale to an already required writing assignment – just a new last new step, really, to a teacher´s normal instructional process."

Affordability was important as well. According to its website,, the company´s books run only a few dollars more than the mass-produced and -marketed ones found in neighborhood bookstores.

Participation Fees, the price that students are charged to be included in an officially published Word Ventures book, begin at $12.

Although most Word Ventures publishing projects are sponsored by teachers, the company also sponsors its own book publishing projects in which students anywhere can participate. The company refers to these as "Open, On-Demand Book Projects," because new projects are initiated in response to requests made by parents on the company´s web site, and are open to all students of the appropriate age for a given book project.

"We prefer it when book projects are sponsored by teachers," says Swartz, "because it combines the thrill of being published with the teaching of writing. But we recognize that not every teacher is going to sponsor a book project with us. So we created our On-Demand Program to make sure that every student can have the opportunity to enjoy the thrill of seeing their work published."

Word Ventures is headquartered in Ellicott City, Maryland.

For more information call Michael Swartz at 888-211-1672
x83, or visit the company´s web site at

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