Extron Introduces a New Range of 12×12 Matrix Switchers for Composite Video, VGA, and RGBHV

Anaheim, California (March 15, 2007)–Extron Electronics, a leading manufacturer of signal routing technologies, is pleased to introduce the A/V industry´s first complete range of mid-sized 12 input, 12 output matrix switchers. Offering a comprehensive selection of signal switching options, the 12×12 matrix size is ideal for meeting the demands of a wide variety of signal distribution applications, including corporate boardrooms and training facilities, college and university settings, health care, and other facilities where reliable switching is required.

"This new range of 12×12 switchers serves a need for additional I/O sizes for mid-sized signal routing applications," says Lee Dodson, Vice President of Marketing for Extron. "The continuing development and expansion of our MAV Plus and CrossPoint Series product lines serves to reemphasize Extron´s commitment to A/V signal management and routing technologies."

The new switchers include the MAV Plus 1212 AV for composite video and stereo audio, the MVX 1212 VGA A for VGA and stereo audio, the CrossPoint 300 1212 Series for wideband RGBHV and stereo audio, and the CrossPoint 450 Plus 1212 Series for ultra-wideband RGBHV and stereo audio. The Extron MAV Plus, MVX, and CrossPoint Series matrix switchers are the A/V system designer´s first choice for cost-effective, high performance video and audio signal routing.

Visit the press area of our Web site at www.extron.com/press for more information.

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