Giant Hurricanes and Tornadoes

March 23, 2007–Volo, IL- In a continuing cooperative arrangement with NASA and the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) Education Division, Don Johnston and its Start-to-Finish Publishing team have written a new book, entitled, Giant Hurricanes and Tornadoes to provide a highly engaging reading experience for struggling learners.

Shipping now, this standards-based book was written for students in grades 5th through 8th by Alan Venable and reviewed by NASA/JPL Physical Oceanographer, Dr. Jorge Vazquez for content accuracy. Giant Hurricanes and Tornadoes supports a 2nd-3rd grade readability and is available in three reading modalities: paperback book, audio book and computer book with professional narration.

"Giant Hurricanes and Tornadoes will make the third book developed in cooperation with NASA/JPL to enrich the scientific reading experience of young people and to encourage education outreach in the field of science," said Mary Jo Barry, Start-to-Finish Publishing Project Manager. "In May 2006, we released the first two books documenting the journey of the Mars rovers, Spirit and Opportunity, through the eyes of the actual researchers and scientists."

Start-to-Finish Publishing supports the six dimensions of reading as outlined by the Office of Elementary and Secondary Education´s Reading Excellence Act of 2002. The books are part of a comprehensive library of appealing books for struggling readers which includes over 150 titles in content areas such as Life Science, Earth and Space, American History, World History, Classic Literature and more.

Students who read Giant Hurricanes and Tornadoes will learn how these monster storms are formed and how actual scientific research is gathered to support and anchor their core knowledge and appreciation for scientists and their work.

Teachers select Don Johnston´s supplemental books to enrich their students´ reading experience as well as provide reading practice in fluency, vocabulary and comprehension. Start-to-Finish Core Content books are available in various pricing configurations to fit any classroom or school library budget. Pricing begins at $79.00 for a single title complete set which includes all three modalities (paperback book, computer book and audio book). For larger buying options, competitive discounts apply for software licensing and bulk pricing for additional paperback books.

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