Kitchener-Waterloo, ON, March 26, 2007 ? Desire2Learn Inc., a leading provider of mission-critical enterprise eLearning solutions, and Respondus Inc., a leading provider of assessment tools for learning management systems in higher education, today announced the integration of Respondus LockDown Browser with the Desire2Learn Learning Environment to offer increased security for online testing.

Developed to provide faculty, instructors, and teachers with an increased sense of confidence and security with online assessments, Respondus LockDown Browser prevents the ability to print, copy, visit another URL, or access other applications while completing a quiz within the Desire2Learn Learning Environment. When an assessment is started, students are locked into it until they submit it for grading. Unique to Desire2Learn, instructors can also provide students with the option to securely view their quiz results immediately following a submission. Through a "Submission View" found in the Quizzing tool and by using the Respondus LockDown Browser, instructors can ensure that students view their quiz feedback, scores, and results without the ability to print and share these results with other students. Increased security for online testing ensures that learner knowledge is accurately assessed and that all students are measured similarly.

"With the integration of the Desire2Learn Learning Environment and the Respondus Lockdown Browser, we take another step forward in providing an increasingly easy-to-use, secure and seamless environment in which students can be assessed, and instructors can rely on results," said Jeremy Auger, Desire2Learn Chief Operating Officer. "Desire2Learn continues our commitment to delivering on the needs of our clients in association with our partners."

"For faculty to fully embrace online testing, institutions have to provide the tools that will prevent students from Googling for their answers or accessing other applications during an online test," said David Smetters, President of Respondus. "Respondus LockDown Browser locks down a computer during an online test and seamlessly integrates with the Desire2Learn Learning Environment. This functionality gives faculty confidence in online testing and also provides a level playing field for classmates."

Combined with features such as question andomization, quiz passwords, and time limits which are already available in the Desire2Learn Learning Environment, faculty and teachers will now have a comprehensive set

of security options available to them when designing a quiz. A single click within the Quizzing tool is all it takes to set up a quiz that will require students to use Respondus LockDown Browser.


Available immediately for Learning Environment 8.1.3, Desire2Learn clients can obtain a beta version of Respondus LockDown Browser from the Respondus website. The final release is scheduled for June 2007, at which time beta participants will receive a free, institution-wide license through December 31, 2007.

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