Educators and Teens Confront the Real-World Impact of Drugs with the ?TV Junkie: Faces of Addiction´ Educationally Enhanced DVD

El Segundo, CA., March 19, 2007 – What started as an addiction to the camera evolved into a craving for adrenaline and then into a full-blown addiction to crack cocaine, with devastating results for a man who lived life on the edge. Former Inside Edition national correspondent Rick Kirkham spent his life in front of the camera, capturing thousands of hours of himself on video, chronicling his spectacular highs, and desperate lows, fueled by adrenaline and substance abuse.

Scope Seven, a global leader in creating interactive video experiences for digital platforms, and Deep Ellum Pictures, a Dallas-based film Production Company, teamed to create an educationally enhanced DVD version of the documentary TV Junkie. This classroom-compliant version of the documentary — entitled the TV Junkie:Faces of Addiction educationally enhanced® DVD — seamlessly integrates standards-aligned educational content into the filmed narrative, thereby providing educators with tools for addressing addiction in a powerful and engaging way.

TV Junkie, which premiered on HBO on March 16, 2007 as part of an HBO event on the reality of addiction, chronicles the tumultuous ups and downs of Rick Kirkham´s daily life, as both his career and family life are torn apart by his ongoing battle with substance abuse. This powerful documentary was awarded The Special Jury Prize at the 2006 Sundance Film Festival.

"Substance abuse is a pervasive threat to our culture," said Mark Mallardi, General Manager, Education & Training for Scope Seven. "We´re honored to have been chosen by Deep Ellum Pictures to develop the educationally enhanced DVD version of the film TV Junkie. The educationally enhanced DVD enables the film to be used in the classroom as a standards-aligned, supplemental instructional tool designed to help students in middle and high school learn from Rick´s mistakes and avoid making similar choices in pursuit of their own lives."

The TV Junkie: Faces of Addiction educationally enhanced® DVD includes numerous features that allow teachers to integrate the film into the classroom instructional experience. Included are: curriculum connections linking the film to the standards-aligned Anti-Drug Education Program From The New York Times; lesson plans in health, life skills and language arts; a menu option to activate related flash facts that appear on-screen while watching the film; challenging interactive learning tools; on-screen prompts to guide students´ viewing, spark discussion, and launch into classroom activities; an Instructor´s Manual; and printable Teacher Guides & Student Handouts.

Pricing and Availability

The TV Junkie: Faces of Addiction educationally enhanced DVD retails for $59.95 and is available starting March 31, 2007. Visit for more details.

About Scope Seven

Scope Seven ( is a creative and technical services company that produces interactive content for the entertainment, education, and games industries. In 2002, Scope Seven introduced the award-winning supplemental math curriculum product, algebra´scool, and is following on that success with the release of math´scool in 2007. In 2005, the company successfully re-interpreted the Academy Award® Nominated film Super Size Me into the Super Size Me educationally enhanced® edition DVD. Scope Seven also co-developed a unique game controller device – ZOOOOS® – for use with children´s interactive learning games that it develops for Funrise Toy Corporation, such as San Diego Zoo Animal Explorer, Thomas & Friends Ride the Rails, and Bob the Builder Can You Build It? In addition, Scope Seven has developed a variety of interactive games and learning products for such leading companies as DIRECTV, Mattel, Leapfrog, and SBG/b EQUAL.

About Deep Ellum

Deep Ellum Pictures, a Dallas-based film Production Company, was formed in 1999 by film producer Michael Cain with Dallas attorney Christopher L. Smith. The Company´s mission is to produce modestly budgeted, yet commercially successful independent films that will change the world. In addition, the company´s focus is to establish Dallas, Texas as a formidable force within the independent film industry. Deep Ellum Pictures received a Special Jury Prize for Excellence at the 2006 Sundance Film Festival for the documentary TV Junkie.

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