Created by a high school student in the San Francisco Bay Area, Quizlet is a free, web-based tool designed to help students learn and practice vocabulary. Users enter the vocabulary terms and definitions they’re trying to learn, and the site creates flashcards and other study tools, including collaboration tools so students can share, edit, and discuss word sets. After entering their vocabulary words, students are presented with three study methods: the flashcard method; a configurable test page that includes written, matching, multiple-choice, and true-false questions; and a specialized “learn” mode that tracks the user’s knowledge of individual words and retests the user only on unlearned words. The site also features a live chat box for discussing vocabulary usage with other students, the ability to import information from other web sites and documents, and the ability to combine word sets. Although the most obvious application of Quizlet is for English terms and their definitions, students also are using the site to learn foreign-language translations, history dates, and scientific terms, its creator says.