When Patrick Baccillieri took over as principal of Chicago’s South Loop Elementary School four years ago, the only internet-connected computer was in the main office, and the school’s lone computer lab was equipped with only a few old IBMs. At the time, Baccillieri said, South Loop, like many schools throughout the city, was still struggling to embrace technology as a tool for learning.

What a difference a few years can make.

These days, South Loop is bustling with innovations that include wireless laptop carts, an interactive media center, and a full-time technology instructor whose job is to ensure that teachers and students are taking full advantage of the many new resources at their disposal. The result? Once an underperforming and highly segregated institution, South Loop reportedly is now the highest-performing elementary school in the district.

But it’s hardly alone in its success, says Baccillieri. Change has become something of a mantra in the Windy City as of late.

In the latest installment of our Ed-Tech Vanguard series, “Chicago Public Schools: Enterprise-Inspired Education,” you’ll learn how a dedicated and highly skilled team of professionals has quietly transformed the nation’s third-largest school system into a modern technological marvel–adopting a business-like approach to give teachers and students the tools and resources they need to achieve their goals inside the urban school building and beyond.

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