CALGARY, Alberta — April 2, 2007 — SMART Technologies Inc. announces that a European report on the impact of information and communication technology (ICT) on student achievement reveals that using interactive whiteboards results in improved test scores, especially in subjects such as English, math and science. The report, by European Schoolnet, examined the results of 17 studies on ICT produced in the UK and other European countries between 2002 and 2006. The following outcomes were among its key findings: interactive whiteboard use results in improved student performance in national tests in English, math and science, compared to student performance without interactive whiteboards; digital content on interactive whiteboards is engaging, motivating, and students pay more attention during lessons; and interactive whiteboard use encourages greater student participation in the classroom.

Information in the report on interactive whiteboards was largely gathered from studies conducted in the UK. The report says using interactive whiteboards creates a faster pace in the classroom because interactions increase between teachers and students. Teachers´ follow-up questions are also directed to the whole class rather than to individual students. In addition, the report shows that an overwhelming number of teachers in the UK were more confident in using ICT after they taught with the interactive whiteboard. More generally, the authors of "The ICT Impact Report: A Review of Studies of ICT Impact on Schools in Europe" state that learning outcomes at schools with good ICT resources are better than those with poor resources and that 86 percent of teachers in Europe say students are more motivated and attentive when computers and the Internet are used in class. The study also suggests that schools new to ICT need to be patient when measuring its impact on education. During the early period of adoption, results might not seem to justify the investment, and then, in the words of the of study´s authors, "suddenly everything takes off and the added value of using ICT is considerable." The full report is available at

"Many studies around the world show that the use of ICT, and specifically interactive whiteboards, is effective in engaging and motivating students," says Nancy Knowlton, SMART´s CEO. "This review by European Schoolnet reinforces those findings and provides a solid rationale for increasing the use of digital content and collaborative tools like those offered by SMART."

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European Schoolnet (EUN) is dedicated to supporting schools in the best use of technology in learning, promoting the European dimension in schools and education, and improving and raising the quality of education in Europe. EUN has 10 years of successful experience in helping schools effectively use new technologies and equipping students and teachers with the skills to succeed in the knowledge society. Funded by, and collaborating with 28 Ministries of Education, EUN aims to identify new priorities in education in Europe.


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