(Atlanta, GA)–At the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics annual conference, Summit Interactive, a leading provider of online math intervention programs, announced the appointment of Tom Fitzgerald as CEO of the newly formed Ascend Education. In his new role, Fitzgerald will oversee strategic initiatives, operations, product development, and the sales and marketing programs supporting the company´s innovative, web-based Ascend math intervention program.

Prior to joining Ascend Education, Fitzgerald served as CEO of U.S. Operations for Fourier Systems, Inc., a science curriculum and student computing provider. Fitzgerald´s education career also includes positions with PowerSchool, Gateway Computer and Dell Computer, where he served as Director of U.S. Education, State and Local Government. Fitzgerald is widely respected throughout the education technology industry and he has also served as a Trustee on the Board of Directors for the National School Boards Foundation. Mr. Fitzgerald will concentrate initially on the company´s Ascend® Math Solution, which has been shown in scientifically based studies to produce strong math achievement gains.

Mr. Fitzgerald will report to Kevin Briley, Summit Interactive, president and founder, and he will direct all operations from Austin, Texas. "Fitzgerald´s 28 years of management experience and leadership in the K-12 Education marketplace have made him a trusted partner and technology guide for education clients throughout the United States," said Briley. "We believe his passion for the education market and his extensive industry knowledge will help refine and significantly increase the capabilities of our business, especially the future of Ascend, as demand for our unique web based math solution has increased significantly.

The Ascend Math Solution, for students grade three and above, is a web-based math intervention program that combines continuous math assessments, targeted instruction, prescriptive tutorials, and powerful reporting. The program integrates streaming video for direct instruction, interactive skill-building activities, and a learning management system that delivers individualized, differentiated instruction for students needing effective math intervention and support.

Recently, performance results for students using The Ascend Math Solution were released and included gains of up to 4 years of math proficiency in one semester, with 68 percent of students gaining more than two grade levels in Colorado. In testing at a Florida Technology Center, GED and Algebra I credit recovery students posted achievement gains of 51 percent, with similar positive results proven for students enrolled in a Texas summer school program. Details about these studies are available at www.sieducation.com/news/Nov2006.html.

About Summit Interactive

Summit Interactive is an established leader in K-12 mathematics intervention. Established in 1987, the company´s solutions are now used by more than 5,000 schools and universities and are widely supported by math educators in secondary and adult learning environments. The company´s programs are based on scientific research and are recognized for their abilities to measurably improve students´ comprehension and performance in math.

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