Devising class schedules is now faster and easier than ever with latest version of Chancery’s Student Management Solution (SMS). The Master Schedule Builder, built into Chancery SMS Version 4.2, enables districts to create classes based on requests, determine and adjust teacher loads, and automatically schedule classes with teachers, rooms, and meeting times.

Chancery says it just takes minutes to load students into the schedule and assign classes to them, even based on student requests. “We are extremely pleased with the processing speed, robustness, and functionality of our Master Schedule Builder. We’ve seen other applications in which the student or class loading process had to be left to run overnight or over the weekend,” said Paul Kellenberger, CEO of Chancery.

Chancery SMS Version 4.2, which was released to customers in February, also features enhancements to the following core features: reporting, grading, transcripts, grade book, next-year planning, summer school, searches, and pre-defined reports.

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