Word processing, painting, and database programs from 2SimpleUSA Inc. aim to teach young children basic computer skills at an early age.

The Early Learning Toolkit, targeted to elementary schools, enables K-3 students to paint, publish, count, plot graphs, and build simple databases. The Toolkit, which is PC and Mac compatible, includes six applications on one disk: 2Paint, 2Publish, 2Count, 2Go, 2Graph, and 2Question. A single license of the Early Learning Toolkit costs $49.95, and an unlimited single site license costs $1,323.68.

2Investigate, a separate program, is designed to introduce elementary students to database software. This Windows-based software helps students sort, classify, and display information easily and creatively as they explore the database concept. Students and teachers store their information on “cards,” which are then sorted and grouped in numerous ways–including Venn diagrams or bar, line, or pie graphs. 2Investigate costs $39.95 for one license and $1,058.68 for an unlimited single site license.

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