Atlanta, GA–Gregory Smith, a resource teacher at Clair-Mel School in Tampa, took home the title of Grand Champion Math Master, and the $10,000 first prize that went with it for winning the TiViTz tournament at the National Conference of Teachers of Mathematics in Atlanta last week.

Smith logged perfect scores in each of the two rounds of TiViTz, a challenging strategy and math game, to claim the title of Grand Champion Math Master at the conference attended by over 15,000 math educators from around the country and beyond.

For Smith, whose winnings equate to almost a third of his annually salary, it was quite a weekend. "Winning the TiViTz tournament has been one of the biggest highlights of my career," Smith said. "I played against several exceptional math teachers and just got on a roll with a couple of perfect scores. It´s something pretty special when math teachers get to compete for prize money, it was fun and exciting, two things not generally associated with math."

Smith has been teaching math at Clair-Mel for nine years and incorporates TiViTz into his classroom curriculum. "The great thing about playing TiViTz is that it´s not just a fun game," said Smith, "it´s also a great teaching tool that helps my students have fun while learning various math skills; this game helps them become math masters too." Smith has played TiViTz in his classroom for about one year and said that his students often score higher than him.

The Math Master title was awarded to the highest scoring player of the two-day tournament that featured one round of Space TiViTz and one round of Baseball TiViTz. A challenging board game that requires strategic thinking and math skills, TiViTz is currently offered in themes of Aqua, Baseball, Hockey and Space. Second, third and fourth place winners received cash prizes as did state Math Masters champs, or players with the highest score for each state.

Teachers and educators from around the country participated in the TiViTz tournament. Steve Scully, the inventor of the TiViTz game, attended the TiViTz tournament rounds and discussed the positive impact TiViTz is having on standardized test scores among students who regularly play the game.

"Studies have shown that playing TiViTz has dramatically increased students´ math scores, as much as 30 points. I´m glad to see teachers such as Mr. Smith enjoying the game and learning how to incorporate it into their math lessons," said Scully.

The theme of the conference was "Mathematics: Representing the Future." The 27 Foundation, a non-profit organization named after the U.S. ranking of math education in the world, also showed support for the Math Master winners by providing over $75,000 in prize money to national and state winners.

If you´re interested in playing the math and strategy game TiViTz, you can purchase the game online at or visit your local specialty toy store.

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ABOUT TiViTz: TiViTz is a unique and competitive game that motivates students ages eight and up to learn critical thinking and math skills while playing a game they enjoy. As easy to play as checkers yet as challenging to master as chess, TiViTz provides a fun learning experience and can be adapted to any subject, theme or platform and is grade and age appropriate. TiViTz is manufactured by SAS Games, Inc.

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