Harcourt Achieve has launched two new products to help students and adult learners succeed.

Achieve It! helps teachers deliver targeted, differentiated instruction so students can master the state standards necessary to perform better on high-stakes reading and math tests. The program uses a varied set of tools to diagnose a student’s weaknesses, prescribe related lessons, and reteach skills such as vocabulary, comprehension, text structure, spelling, and more.

Cycles, a research-based reading intervention program, helps struggling high school students and adult learners read better. It builds reading proficiency by integrating vocabulary with phonological awareness, language usage, reading comprehension, reading fluency, writing, and listening.

“Cycles is an ideal solution for low-performing schools that have a high dropout rate,” said Tim McEwen, president and CEO of Harcourt Achieve. “It empowers students to drive their own progress–proceeding as their skills and proficiencies improve and ‘recycling’ to lower levels as needed.”

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