Schools with high-volume printing can save thousands of dollars in printing costs with PrintQuota and PageSaver, two new software products from BrightTools Inc. of Boca Raton, Fla.

The costs for paper, toner, ink cartridges, and printer maintenance usually exceed the initial cost of the hardware, BrightTools said. PrintQuota allows schools to conserve their print, paper, and toner resources by controlling and tracking printing usage and costs across networks. For budgeting purposes, PrintQuota even provides complete cost and usage reports.

PageSaver prevents hurried students from printing multiple copies of the same document because the printer doesn’t process their print job fast enough and they click print over and over again. PageSaver intervenes in this situation and cancels the multiple print commands that normally would result in wasted ink and paper.

A PrintQuota server license costs $290 for K-12 institutions, $580 for universities, and $870 for corporations. A PageSaver site license costs $75 for K-12 schools, $150 for universities, and $225 for corporations.

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