New York, NY–(April 6, 2007)–Horizon Wimba, the education technology company that helps people teach people, announced today that it has changed its name to Wimba. The company will continue to offer the same collaborative software and services to its education customers, while rationalizing the brand.

Wimba´s brand reconciliation will eliminate the multiple monikers and identities that currently define the company.

"We´ve been known as Horizon Wimba, HorizonLive and even Wimba since HorizonLive and Wimba merger in 2004," said Tommaso Trionfi, CEO of Wimba. "We want our customers to identify us by our incredible products and committed customer service?period. To date, our brand has been known for having multiple names and identities and this shift addresses that reality."

Staying the Same:
The products and services upon which education institutions worldwide have grown to trust and rely won´t change. Wimba will support its products and customers as it always has.

Wimba´s new tagline: People Teach People.
Wimba enables the achievement of key pedagogical objectives that cannot be reached with standard course management systems. Such objectives include fostering instructive dialogue, creating hands-on interaction, and ensuring access to as many students as possible. The software helps students and teachers connect by combining interactive technologies such as voice, video, podcasting, content authoring, assessment, and instant messaging with an educators´ mission to stimulate the most powerful educational tool of all time–the mind.

The tagline reflects Wimba´s belief that while technology is a significant enabler of education, at the end of the day it is people who teach people.

New product offering: The Wimba Collaboration Bundle
The Wimba Collaboration Bundle offers a rich array of collaborative tools that allow faculty to retain the highly personal and lively nature of traditional classroom instruction. From voice to video, from podcasting to content authoring to instant messaging, the Collaboration Bundle works seamlessly within existing online courses so instructors never need a new username or password, and never have to leave their familiar online course environments.

New company division: Wimba Publishing Services
Wimba Publishing Services knows that a textbook isn´t simply a textbook anymore–it´s part of a collection of learning materials tailored by the demands of a school´s professors and students. Wimba Publishing Services combines the Company´s expertise in providing services for academic publishing companies with its expertise in collaborative technologies to help schools and publishers create compelling offerings for delivering and assessing content in all disciplines.

About Wimba

Wimba is a company focused solely on education and dedicated to the principle that people learn more when they are drawn closer together. Our collaborative software applications for the online education market enable institutions to bridge technology and pedagogy by supplementing course management systems with many of the proven disciplines of in-person learning environments. Wimba´s intuitive solutions enable educators and students to quickly and easily teach and learn live online, engage in live chat and instant message exchanges, benefit from oral content being added to text-based course content, and more. Instructors can also use Wimba solutions to convert Microsoft Word documents into accessible web pages and to create and administer tests, quizzes, and exams. Our focus on education and collaboration with educators fuels our product development.

Wimba. People Teach People.

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