LANCASTER, PA: As school districts nationwide continue to improve crisis prevention, preparedness, response and recovery plans, administrators will now have the capability to deliver accurate information to staff, students and parents. TeamPrepared, a school safety and crisis response product of InnerLink, Inc., is now available with ALERTNOW® rapid communication service-one of the world´s leading providers of communication services designed to specifically to address the specific needs of schools.
According to John Rednak, Superintendent of the Solanco School District in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania , the ALERTNOW rapid communication service has been a valuable asset.

"Our school district has been using ALERTNOW for four years," Rednak said. "During that time, we´ve been able to make parents aware of both emergencies and other notifications using the system and as a result our parents have come to depend on this system when we need to contact them with important information."

TeamPrepared provides tools and solutions that help a school to build and implement the prevention, preparation, response and recovery phases of their crisis plans. This includes modules for online secure forms, a library of resources, a plan builder, best-practice templates, interactive capabilities for maps and floor plans, coordinated communication with first responders, parental notification guidelines, recovery resources, suggested safety reading, training and curriculum. TeamPrepared provides 24/7 access to first responders and all authorized users of the system.

The ALERTNOW option offered through TeamPrepared provides an instant, proven communications solution to notify parents and staff within minutes. Emergency calls are sent through reliable and redundant communication networks that deliver thousands of messages each minute providing schools with the capability to deliver important and accurate information to parents and guardians.

ALERTNOW requires no additional hardware, software or phone lines and can be accessed by school administrators using any phone or computer.

According to Jason Bedford, ALERTNOW´s Director of Sales and Marketing, "ALERTNOW is the industry´s only provider that provides a way to differentiate routine messages from critical emergency messages. ALERTNOW displays the school´s main phone number on caller IDs for routine calls, and distinguishes emergency messages with "411" on caller IDs."

Bedford sees great value in this bundled product. "This will enable schools to build stronger relationships by enhancing parental and community involvement; emergency notification and awareness; communication with non-English speaking communities in their native language; and school safety preparation," Bedford stated. "ALERTNOW has been delivering millions of messages each month on behalf of K-12 schools everywhere, and will be a perfect complement to the school safety and crisis response features of TeamPrepared," he said.
School administrators are encouraged to contact InnerLink for more information on TeamPrepared and ALERTNOW, by visiting, or calling 866-522-5487. The TeamPrepared Product Manager, Rod Schoening (, is available to answer questions or take interested educators and safety personnel for an online tour of TeamPrepared.

InnerLink, Inc. was founded in 2001 by Robert Gillio, M.D. and Martha L. Harris, and provides a wide range of health and safety technology solutions for schools, communities and health care professionals across the United States. InnerLink´s many products include web-based wellness curriculum for the education market; portal technology that allows school districts to manage system-wide Coordinated School Health programs, policies and student health records; online personal electronic health records that allow users to manage their own health information and carry it with them 24/7; and portal solutions for organizations and communities to manage disaster preparedness planning, response and recovery.

ALERTNOW is a rapid communication service that enables schools throughout the United States to deliver tens of thousands of voice or text-based messages to telephones and other devices in mere minutes. More than 2 million ALERTNOW messages are sent by K-12 educators each month in the United States. Schools rely on ALERTNOW to enhance parental involvement, increase student attendance and accountability, bridge language barriers with parents and provide reliable and immediate communications during emergencies. ALERTNOW requires no hardware, software or additional phone lines from customers. As a Web-based Application Service Provider (ASP), AlertNow manages and hosts the hardware, software and telephone infrastructure required to deliver services. AlertNow is provided by Saf-T-Net, founded in Raleigh, N.C. in 1996. For more information, see

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