Gateway´s New End-to-End 1:1 Computing Solution to Engage Students and Empower Educators

IRVINE, Calif., April 10, 2007–Gateway, Inc. today announced a new 1:1 computing solution for the education market designed to improve academic performance while at the same time promoting student engagement and attendance. In addition to the numerous benefits this technology-based initiative holds for students, the Gateway solution also empowers teachers and includes valuable training and technology integration into the classroom.

Gateway´s 1:1 Computing Solution provides a comprehensive portfolio of products and services offering consulting, needs assessment, professional development, classroom management software, standard-based curriculum software, implementation, and ongoing support. Each solution is designed and scaled to the needs of the education customers and supported by the U.S.-based customer support.

"Education customers across the country have told us, that in addition to technology, they want complete solutions that include services, software and after sales support, in a way that maximizes the effectiveness of classroom learning," said John Costello, Gateway vice president of marketing. "Based on our many years of experience in the education segment and discussions with education customers both large and small, we have developed a program that is not only comprehensive, but scalable. We have partnered with some of the best education-focused hardware, software and service companies to provide a complete, end-to-end 1:1 computing solution for education customers."

The Gateway 1:1 Computing Solution offers programs to help schools, districts, colleges and universities meet the challenges of student engagement, faculty empowerment and learning enhancement. The solution was developed to scale to the needs of the customer, taking into consideration each institution´s specific objectives as well as its position in the technology adoption lifecycle. Gateway provides programs for every stage of this process.

"We have seen the benefits that 1:1 computing programs offer students, and want to help expand this initiative to schools nationwide by making the integration process as simple as possible," said Costello. "Gateway is proud to offer a program that positively influences students´ attendance, behavior and achievement in a 1:1 learning environment."

Gateway´s comprehensive 1:1 computing solution offers the following professional services, software, hardware and support services:

*Consulting–Gateway offers strategic consulting and integrated services that assist education institutions in effectively achieving their technology training and information management goals. Gateway works with partners to develop a customized plan that includes the specific instructional technology and related support services for successful implementation and execution.

*Financing–Based on many years of experience and a vast network of partners, Gateway helps to evaluate the best funding solutions and financial structure for each institution to increase purchasing power, reduce out-of-pocket expenses and simplify the acquisition process. This service includes aid with state and federal grants, local bond initiatives and identifying leasing options.

*Professional Development–Gateway´s professional development experts will work with each school or district to implement a training program that ensures a smooth technology integration process. On-site and online courses help students, instructors, administrators and IT professionals get more out of the IT investment. There is a one-day introduction course or a two-week integration boot-camp designed to help increase user acceptance and improve technology skill levels. Educators can choose from over 5,000 online courses or instructor-led training from LearnWithGateway* education services, including Technology Integration for Teaching and Learning in Education, a 48-hour program that shows teachers how to become technology-integration specialists as they lead their students in standards-based, student-centered learning.

*Classroom Management–Gateway helps teachers to effectively manage the classroom and integrate technology into the curriculum by working with service partners to provide software that monitors students, synchronizes classroom delivery and fights plagiarism. Educators can choose from:

*an integrated software solution that fosters engagement through collaborative note-taking, computer monitoring and after class activities;

*an Internet-enabled software that connects teachers with their students and facilitates distance learning;

*a real-time communication, collaboration and knowledge transfer software that lets instructors create, manage and deliver effective learning programs both in the classroom and over the Web.

*Standards-Based Curriculum–Technology-rich curriculum is instrumental in streamlining communication between instructors and students. Gateway works with industry-leading service partners to deliver eBooks, educational videos and Web-based courses designed to enhance students´ classroom performance and their learning experience. Successful digital curriculum implementations, downloadable digital book formats and distributed learning applications allow students to collaborate and access learning content anytime, anywhere. In addition, student achievement and educator effectiveness is boosted because the curriculum software is based on the principles of cognitive development and designed to be both student-centric and standards-based. Additionally, digital curriculum allows students and parents to check grades, assignments and teacher feedback, helping K-12 schools and districts meet No Child Left Behind accountability requirements. It also helps colleges and universities realize campus computing and distance learning potential, while tracking students from enrollment to graduation.

*Hardware–Educators can better instruct a 1:1 classroom with standardized hardware, including Gateway convertible notebooks, desktop PCs, displays, server and storage products, as well as projection devices, printing solutions and other classroom technology from leading manufacturers. Standardization gives teachers a single set of components and applications to work with in the classroom and reduces connectivity and compatibility problems for IT staff.

*Implementation–Gateway acts as a single point of accountability throughout the comprehensive 1:1 computing installation and implementation process. Gateway´s Custom Integrated Solutions include a range of services that encompass everything from custom imaging and asset tagging to installation of third-party components. These services can save an IT department time and labor, reduce deployment time and simplify technology management.

*Ongoing Support–Gateway offers a suite of flexible and effective support and maintenance solutions that will maximize a 1:1 learning environment, including extended limited warranty options, priority support, a battery replacement service plan, accidental damage protection and anti-theft protection. Also included is GatewayShield, a standard, comprehensive security solution that helps deliver Internet, hardware and data protection for Gateway notebooks, desktops and displays. Gateway will remain in contact with each educational institution throughout the 1:1 computing solution process to help ensure program continuity and success.

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