NetOp School Helps Teachers Keep Student Computer Users on Task and Learning

Chicago ?April 10, 2007 — When a middle school student in Steve West´s computer lab at Asheville Middle School in Asheville, N.C. found a way to get out on the Internet during class, the veteran teacher called the young woman up to his desk. She was appalled to see that he had a recording of every site she had visited on the Internet. After that, he never had a problem with that student wandering off task again.

The NetOp School software West uses in his classroom allows him to view and record each student´s monitor from his own screen. If a student wanders off task, the teacher knows immediately and can send a private text message to the student to bring them back on track. The software also allows teachers to share any screen with the rest of the class, freeze a student´s mouse, or turn controls over to a student for a demonstration.

Ease of use makes NetOp School perfect for classroom use, according to West.

"I have been using this software in my classroom lab for two years and managing it in 10 additional classroom labs in three buildings," he said. "If all software was this easy, tech people would be out of work."

The latest version of NetOp School, version 5.0, has an improved test center, allowing teachers to customize tests so that they match the curriculum being taught. It also allows for offline preparation so that teachers can work on curriculum at home without installing NetOp on their home computer.

NetOp School was developed by Danish IT company, Danware A/S, and is sold in the United States by the company´s subsidiary NetOp Tech Inc.

"NetOp School is extremely popular software with schools and teachers," said Jason Vargovchik, country manager for NetOp Tech Inc. "The teaching features, reliability and ease of use are very attractive for educators."

Danware develops and markets additional software products based on NetOp technology, which provides for fast, secure and stable transfer of images, audio and data between two or more computers. NetOp Remote Control products enable remote control of one or more computers. NetOp Netfilter is an Internet filtering solution used to distinguish safe from unsafe content. NetOp Desktop Firewall is a distributed firewall for monitoring computer processes and communication. All are plug-and-play products offering extensive functionality, flexibility and user-friendliness.

About NetOp Tech Inc.

NetOp Tech, Inc. is the U.S. subsidiary of Danware, a Danish software company. Danware´s core business is to develop and market, through a certified channel of NetOp Partners, software products based on the NetOp core technology–a technology enabling swift, secure and seamless transfer of screens, sound and data between two or more products. For more information, visit the NetOp Tech Inc. Web site at

About Danware A/S

Based in Birkerod, Denmark, Danware A/S develops and markets NetOp software products sold in more than 80 countries worldwide. In 2006, Danware reported sales of about $16.4 million. Danware´s shares are listed on the Copenhagen Stock Exchange and are a component of the Small Cap+ index. For more information, visit the Danware Web site at

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