State-of-the-art Technology Helps Feed More Students

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., (April 09, 2007)–The USDA´s Food and Nutrition Service recognizes that vending machines may play an expanding role in the operation of the National School Lunch and School Breakfast Program. Personnel policies, labor costs, pressure on lunch room space, class schedules and limited time all contribute to the need to explore more efficient and effective methods of delivering important nutritional benefits to students and maintaining schools´ revenue streams.

To address the issue, Star Food has developed a USDA compliant reimbursable meal solution with a POS interface to match most POS existing systems. Food service professionals can improve and expand their meal plans in addition to feeding a larger segment of the student population by integrating the Star Food reimbursable meal vending machine in strategic areas on campus. It´s LAN or wireless capabilities further allows placement in additional campus locations where students congregate.

"On a national average only about 38% of the population of a high school can be served within the short time allotted for lunch, so schools are missing many of their students," explains Joe Gilbert, Vice President/General Manager of Star Food. "Students can typically wait in line for up to 20 minutes to be served lunch, leaving them with a very short amount of time to eat," according to Gilbert. Star Food reimbursable meal machine is a solution to the problem."
The Star Food program not only allows student´s healthier time-efficient choices for lunch, but breakfast and after school snacks too. This also provides schools an innovative reimbursable meal revenue generating solution.

For more information about how Star Food can assist with school requirements to feed more students, contact Star Food at 877-857-FOOD or visit the Web site at

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