PBwiki and YackPack Announce Release of WalkieTalkie Widget

San Bruno, CA, April 9, 2007–PBwiki, the world´s largest providers of wiki software and hosting, and YackPack, the online group communications company, have partnered to provide wiki authors and readers with a simple way to communicate using their own voices in real time.

YackPack has created the WalkieTalkie, a widget that you can install on your PBwiki in about two minutes. Then, each and every human or humanoid who visits that PBwiki of yours can simply click-and-hold the YackPack button and, through the miracle of "Technology," talk to anyone else visiting the page. It´s like an online virtual intercom and it adds the power of voice to any collaboration.

"There is something magical about hearing someone else´s voice," said Ramit Sethi, PBwiki co-founder. "It takes collaboration to an entirely different level. It´s more personal and takes away the OMG FLAMER LAMO stuff that you see on IRC. It brings people closer together."

YackPack´s Dr. BJ Fogg agreed, oracularly.

"Voice builds unity," he said.

Like all good stories, the partnership is surprising yet inevitable. And it´s simple. Considering it´s wikis we´re talking about it would be a sad day at the WikiPlex if it weren´t.

To use the widget, sign up for a PBwiki at http://www.pbwiki.com, click the edit button on any page on your wiki, and insert the WalkieTalkie plugin. Voilá: the single simplest way to communicate to your co-authors and readers.

We´re not bluffing. In fact we are so not bluffing that we are going to host an online press release about the integration and its proud parents on our press wiki, http://press.pbwiki.com, using the integrated WalkieTalkie widget. To participate, just go to the press wiki after 2:00 p.m. Pacific Standard Time on Thursday, April 12, and press the widget down. Ramit Sethi of PBwiki and BJ Fogg of YackPack will be there to answer any questions you have on the widget, wikis, packing yack or anything else you´d like.

ABOUT PBWIKI–PBwiki is the world´s largest consumer wiki farm, co-founded by 3 Stanford grads (´99, ´00, ´04). Our motto is: Make a free wiki as easily as a peanut butter sandwich. 48 hours after we launched, we hosted over 1,000 wikis. Today we host well over 150,000 wikis and millions of users every month. We host classroom wikis, business wikis, personal wikis, and wikis for just about anything you can imagine.

Our small, six-person team has big resources. We´ve just raised $2 million from Mohr Davidow Ventures to make our wikis much more awesome. We´ve been featured on TechCrunch.com ("PBwiki is on a bit of a roll," Michael Arrington said), Valleywag.com, VentureBeat, Red Herring and hundreds of other sources.

ABOUT YACKPACK–YackPack provides the simplest way for people to communicate online. Designed by Dr. BJ Fogg of Stanford University, YackPack´s patented interface helps you cut through the clutter of email, VOIP, and instant messaging clients so you can finally communicate effectively with your team, class, family, or group. WalkieTalkie Widget is YackPack´s newest offering. Through the richness of voice, YackPack connects people wherever they live, whatever their language or age, and whenever they want to listen.

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