SAN DIEGO, April 12, 2007 — While learning a list of vocabulary words may not be vogue these days, one company brings English vocabulary to the American culture in a relevant way. WordSmart´s SAT vocabulary preparation program meets students in their domain of technology by using PCs and cell phones.

Study upon study reveals that American high school students´ vocabulary performance is steadily declining. And many studies even go as far as to cite vocabulary as the weakest link in the epidemic.

"I wanted to bring this valuable material into every
student´s life," said David Kay, founder of the WordSmart Corporation. "I had to wait until the development of the personal computer, and that´s when I started the company," Kay added.

The program loads via CD-ROM and displays an arcade-style
game, just one of the five interfaces graphically enhanced
to teach primarily SAT-type words. Using audio visual technology that parallels the hi-tech media to which most students are accustomed, vocabulary is presented in such a way that students retain the SAT words 10 to 100 times faster than traditional practices of tutoring or studying, and it is less arduous than lengthy SAT prep courses.

And for the cell phone text-addicts, The Word of the Day program sends a daily text message of an SAT word directly to a person´s cell phone. Signing up at, this free program gives the user valuable content even while detached from the computer.

With Hollywood Walk of Famer and four-time Emmy winner, Alex Trebek, as the spokes person in their upcoming infomercial, WordSmart continues to bring relevance and add credibility to their technology. "This program gives students the tools to close the vocabulary and comprehension gap," Trebek said. To this day, WordSmart is the only company licensed to employ this breakthrough technology. The SAT prep program even has a guarantee that is unmatched in the industry.

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