Studying Goes High-Tech with PC Flash Cards

GAINESVILLE, Fla., April 10, 2007 — When Mary Gardner left the corporate world to become a veterinarian, she took seven years´ experience in software training and design with her.
Now a junior at the University of Florida´s College of Veterinary Medicine, Gardner has put that experience to use by creating PC Flash Cards (, a computer-based study aid that streamlines studying for
students everywhere.

Based on the time-tested flash card study method, PC Flash Cards eliminates the need for hand-written flash cards – traditionally a colossal time-sink. Part software program,
part Web-based study community, PC Flash Cards is simple to use and appropriate for students of all ages.

Users can quickly enter information, organize their flash cards and even add images. Students can use PC Flash Cards on the computer, print out their flash cards, and even sync their flash cards to their PDAs for on-the-go studying. The
program includes robust, automated quizzing, random quizzing and reverse-quiz features, cards can be imported and exported by study buddies, and all flash cards can be uploaded to for sharing with other
students. To date, the site contains around 39,000 cards.

The program is inexpensive – prices start at just $29.95 – and a full 30% of sales go to an organization of the user´s choice, making PC Flash Cards an effective fundraiser for student clubs and schools.

"Have you ever wasted hours and hours reading just one page? That was me before PC Flash Cards," stated one student.

"[Medical school was] grueling, and I found myself settling for mediocre grades and blaming my test scores on my ability to learn … [but] after just one month of using [PC Flash Cards,] I have improved my scores by an entire letter grade."

PC Flash Cards appeals to students in professional and technical schools as well. Gardner reports that real estate agents, pilots and even a corporation or two are using PC Flash Cards.

Gardner came up with the idea for PC Flash Cards as a returning student taking the veterinary school prerequisites. Flash cards were her preferred study method, but the thousands of flash cards she created soon became unmanageable. So she sat down and designed PC Flash Cards on
paper, being sure to include all the features that would help her with her own studies. Gardner then turned to her father, who had been a software engineer for over 30 years, to bring the program to life.

"PC Flash Cards takes a proven method of studying and improves on it," Gardner stated. "I am pleased to make the program available to other students who may be searching for a better way to study."

PC Flash Cards is available for purchase at To view a demonstration of the software, visit

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