With 33 people dead, the shooting rampage at Virginia Tech yesterday became the worst such incident in recent U.S. history.

The death toll exceeds the 24 killed at a Luby´s Cafeteria in Killeen, Texas, on Oct. 16, 1991, and the shooting deaths of 22 at a McDonald´s restaurant in San Ysidro, Calif., on July 18, 1984 and the Columbine School Shooting in Littleton, Colo., injuring as many as 20 students and killing 15, including the two gunmen on April 20, 1999.
But the Virginia Tech killings also join a long list of multiple slayings on school campuses.

Virginia shooting spree sparks school-safety concerns and concerns of copy-cats around the country. Organizations review procedures after gunman kills 32 in Virginia
Universities, Schools, colleges and other organizations took stock of their own safety and security procedures after news of the deadly Virginia Tech shootings spread to campuses across the country yesterday which rattled some staff, students and other faculty.
Students are looking at this and (are) kind of terrified, wondering Can this happen here? said a Student Government Association President at a local University. It´s a horrible situation that we have to deal with, but hopefully students will continue to feel safe.

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