What are RM Easiteach and RM Easiteach Tools?
RM Easiteach is the software at the heart of interactive teaching and learning. Visual, interactive learning gets results. RM Easiteach enables teachers to create lessons that incorporate a variety of learning styles and tools to encourage concept adoption and retention.

Today, teachers can install RM Easiteach and receive access to all subject specific curriculum tools.

Math Toolbar

Used by the Math Teacher of the Year to create engaging and stimulating math lessons! The Math Toolbar consists of lots of familiar Math resources such as: function machine, customizable number lines, number grids, fractions and graphs. These resources allow you to make exactly what you need using circles, numbers, algebra and symbols palate, and place value cards ranging from 0.0001 to 9 million.

Language Arts Toolbar

The English Language Arts tools are especially effective when teaching language at word, sentence and text levels. The ?split-screen´ feature allows you to display text on one page and to drag words or blocks of text to another page for editing or reformatting. Tools included are: Word and sentence builder cards, add and remove punctuation, Cloze procedure, writing frames, spell checker, word highlight, speak words, repel text for desk top publishing and a timer to increase pace in lessons. All the tools work on any text typed directly onto the page or cut and pasted from another source.

Science Toolbar

The Science toolbar allows you to integrate connected devices like digital and web cameras, electronic microscopes and desktop visualizers, to enable the projection of images to the whole class. These images can then easily be edited and interacted using the toolbar. Tools included are: select image source, image capture, rulers, calipers, magnetic lines, stopwatch and timers, and Science symbols and units.

Geography Toolbar

The RM Easiteach Geography Toolbar provides a set of tools that are designed to specifically support the teaching of geography throughout K-12 and that will help embed the use of IT into the subject .The tools focus on creating, analyzing and manipulating maps on screen.

Single toolbars are $109.00 or purchase as a bundle for $399.00. Multi-user licenses are available.

RM Easiteach is included with many interactive hardware technologies. A listing of partners is available at www.rmeducation.com.

About RM Educational Software Inc.

RM Educational Software Inc. (www.rmeducation.com) is a subsidiary of RM Education Plc UK (www.rm.com), a leading provider of ICT software, services and infrastructure to schools, colleges and universities. RM Plc is quoted on the UK stock exchange (London Stock Exchange: RM.), has revenues in excess of $500m US per annum and offices in the UK, India, North America and Australia.

Founded in 1973, the company has spent over 30 years designing transformational solutions for education that are based on the needs of teachers and learners in the classroom. RM offers a whole host of education services, from hardware and software products to helping schools develop long term strategic ICT plans.

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