COLUMBUS, Ohio — SRA/McGraw-Hill, a leading educational publisher, is pleased to announce that its core elementary mathematics program, SRA Real Math, strongly aligns with the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics´ (NCTM) Curriculum Focal Points for Prekindergarten through Grade 8 Mathematics: A Quest for Coherence.

Published in September 2006, the NCTM Focal Points were created to provide guidance for U.S. schools for improving the current math curriculum, which has been criticized as being "a mile wide and an inch deep." After careful review, comparing the NCTM Focal Points with Real Math, Beverlee Jobrack, SRA editorial director, recently released a white paper entitled "NCTM Focal Points and Real Math" outlining how the curriculum meets the recommendations from leading math experts who created the Focal Points. Based on more than 30 years of classroom experience, field testing, and research, the new Real Math program benefits from a solid pedagogy, strong research, and extensive background.

To learn about the focal points in Real Math and how they related to NCTM´s Focal Points, download the complete white paper at:
"In addition to aligning with the NCTM Focal Points, Real Math is the first program to fully integrate all five strands of mathematical proficiency, as identified by leading mathematics educational researchers, in every lesson," Jobrack said.

The five strands of mathematical proficiency include:

– Understanding: Comprehending mathematical concepts, operations, and relations.

– Computing: Carrying out mathematical procedures.

– Applying: Being able to formulate problems mathematically and devise strategies for solving them.

– Reasoning: Using logic to explain and justify a solution to a problem.

– Engaging: Seeing math as sensible, useful, and doable.

What Teachers Are Saying About SRA Real Math
Flavia Gunter, a mentor teacher at Atlanta City Schools, who has been an educator for 26 years, was selected to be a member of the SRA National Advisory Real Math panel of teachers during the development of the program. Teachers at her school field-tested the program, and she expressed her satisfaction, saying, "I love Real Math´s problem-solving approach. There is plenty of practice for students, and it gives them an opportunity to discover math on their own and to really explore it. It´s a challenging and rigorous program that will create strong future mathematicians."

Meanwhile, Jill Richardson, a Grade 1 teacher at Charlotte Christian School in Charlotte, North Carolina, said: "My first-graders absolutely love math this year! Real Math is a curriculum that incorporates mental math, problem-solving, games, and activities that make math meaningful to children. The individual manipulatives provided for each child help make learning exciting. The program is laying a great foundation for our students. I´ve never had so much fun teaching math!"

About SRA Real Math

SRA Real Math is the first mathematics program to provide a fully integrated suite of technology tools to deliver motivating and rich math instruction. This ranges from engaging math games, to an online student textbook, to online assessment and planning, to a research-based activity center that corresponds to each individual student´s learning style.
Real Math incorporates the latest in research on how children learn math. The program fully incorporates the five key strands of mathematical proficiency in every lesson: understanding, computing, applying, reasoning, and engaging. Based on more than 30 years of classroom experience, field testing, and research, the new Real Math program benefits from a solid pedagogy, strong research, and extensive background.
Demonstrations of Real Math are available online at

About SRA/McGraw-Hill

SRA/McGraw-Hill is the top provider of specialized research-based educational programs and professional development for the elementary market. Leading programs include Open Court Reading, Direct Instruction, and Real Math. SRA is part of McGraw-Hill Education, a leading global provider of instructional, assessment and reference solutions that empower professionals and students of all ages. McGraw-Hill Education has offices in 33 countries and publishes in more than 40 languages. Additional information is available at For more information on SRA/McGraw-Hill´s products, call 1-888-SRA-4543 and visit

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