Santa Barbara, CA–April 19, 2007–Three prominent history organizations–ABC-CLIO, National History Day, and The History Channel–joined together today to open up a comprehensive collection of resources for educators on the 400th anniversary of Jamestown´s founding. These resources help enrich students´ understanding of the first successful British settlement in North America and honor the colony´s anniversary.

Assembled in a high-quality website that will be available through May 31st, the collection provides everything students and teachers need for a meaningful study of Jamestown and focuses on the event that shaped the European settlement of North America and the ongoing debates surrounding it.
The Jamestown Colony website includes:

*A complete database from ABC-CLIO on the Jamestown Colony, covering all the personalities, political intrigue, and conflict with Native Americans that came with the colony´s founding. The database offers the complete text of Frank E. Grizzard, Jr. and D. Boyd Smith´s just-released encyclopedia–Jamestown Colony: A Political, Social, and Cultural History.

*A video clip library from The History Channel
*Recommended classroom activities from National History Day that help illustrate the relationship between the Powhatan People and the Jamestown settlers

*Primary source documents including the first Virginia charter, John Smith´s account of an expedition to meet the area´s American Indians, and a description of the American Indians encountered by the early settlers

*Perspectives from ABC-CLIO scholars on the interaction of Jamestown residents with the surrounding Native American population, including one from James Horn, Vice President of Research for the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation and author of numerous books and articles on colonial America

This comprehensive online resource is part of a cooperative venture between ABC-CLIO, National History Day, and The History Channel, aimed at advancing history education.

"We are pleased to join these highly-regarded organizations in developing this valuable website," said Becky Snyder, President of ABC-CLIO. "Helping students better understand the link between the Jamestown colony and the founding of our country while also thinking critically about the impact it has had and continues to have on our lives is essential."

The colony of Jamestown, Virginia, was the first permanent English settlement in America. In June of 1606, the Virginia Company of London was granted a charter to establish a colony in the New World in order to exploit the area´s mineral resources. Three ships, the Susan Constant, Discovery, and Godspeed, carried 108 adventurers and indentured servants across the Atlantic Ocean to the North American continent. The expedition first anchored at Cape Comfort (present-day Old Point Comfort in Hampton, Virginia) on April 30, 1607.

To access the Jamestown Colony website, please click the link below. The website will be available from April 19, 2007, through May 31, 2007.
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