BOSTON, MA–April 23, 2007–FableVision, the award-winning progressive educational media and interactive publisher, today announced that its web-based vocabulary and critical thinking program, Get A Clue®, has been selected once again by Fairfax County Public Schools (FCPS) in Virginia as part of in the district´s leading-edge curriculum mix. Get A Clue will be starting its fifth successful year at FCPS in an ongoing effort that is building vocabulary and reading comprehension for the district´s diverse student population across 26 high schools as well as the system´s various alternative schools.

Widely used as a means of improving literacy and preparing for the SAT, Get A Clue is an innovative subscription-based web application for middle and high school students which builds vocabulary, plus improves reading comprehension and test-taking skills. Through the patented WATS (Words And Their Stories) system, students are presented with the derivation and then through a series of clues begin to inductively uncover the meaning of the word. The actual definition is revealed at the conclusion of the exercise, followed by a bonus question using a synonym. FableVision´s President Paul Reynolds points out that, "Students uncover the meaning of the word through the context and power of story–unlike mind-numbing drills that only produce short term recall. " He adds, "The product´s game-like appeal also has students actually requesting Get A Clue–for a vocabulary product, that´s saying something." The word, so to speak, is catching on. Along with garnering a long list of national industry awards, Get A Clue was also chosen by Apple for inclusion in the Apple Digital Learning Series, which rolled out nationwide program last August.

Jane Reynolds, FableVision´s Executive Partner, has big plans for Get A Clue. "We are building on the enormous popularity of the product with plans for expanded grade levels and new categories of vocabulary in the hottest areas of curriculum, including Math, Science, and Mandarin." And Jane means business–literally. Jane joined her twin brothers Peter and Paul Reynolds–the creatives who founded FableVision a decade ago, to manage the accelerating success of the media and publishing firm. Jane´s successful career includes study and multiple degrees from Tufts, Brandeis, London School of Economics and Harvard Business School, as well as a decade as an exec at Xerox and founding and running her own successful business consulting firm in London. Along with building out FableVision´s own original line of media-rich, technology-enhanced products, Jane´s strategy includes strategic partnerships with other major educational technology players who have a progressive embrace of digital learning and learner-centric technologies.

FableVision ( is on a 200-year mission to bring the world to a better place through media, storytelling and technology. With new headquarters at The Boston Children´s Museum in Boston, and offices in Portland, Oregon and London, the FableVision team enjoys an international reputation for its unique brand of innovative, technology-delivered storytelling and learning, which include K12 software product offerings (Stationery Studio, BrainCogs, Essay Express, Get A Clue) distributed around the globe. Some of FableVision´s partners and clients include PBS, Maryland Public Television, MIT Education Arcade, Sesame Workshop, Scholastic, Nickelodeon/Noggin, KCET, Carnegie Hall, National Academy of Sciences, WGBH, Random House, Simon Schuster, Pearson Education, the Research Institute for Learning Development, and Boston University and the Jim Henson Company.

For additional information about FableVision´s mission to use media, storytelling and technology to reach all learners, explore or call 1-888- 240-3734.

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