Miami–TeachAde (, a Web 2.0 resource for K-12 teachers, today unveiled new website functionality designed to provide teachers with relevant resources from multiple content providers, delivered daily to each user´s private TeachAde homepage.

"Busy teachers spend valuable time surfing the Web to find relevant, high-quality lesson plans, multimedia files, weblinks and other class resources," said Wade Dyke, president and chief executive officer of TeachAde. "Now, TeachAde does the work for them, sending them resources matched to their specific interests in a convenient, simple-to-use desktop setting."

Teachers can receive free lesson plans and other materials customized to what they teach simply by registering their subject and grade level preferences on TeachAde. The website´s powerful, searchable database will then feed pertinent resources directly to members´ personal TeachAde desktop, a new feature that allows teachers to manage their class resources from one location. The site´s new "drag and drop" feature allows users to simply highlight the resources they want to keep and "drag" them to the calendar or folders on their desktop. They may also use the desktop to keep track of groups they join or start on TeachAde, and network with colleagues.

Dyke said that all resources on TeachAde are provided by trusted educational content providers, including teachers themselves, who can use the site´s simple authoring or uploading tools to share favorite lesson plans, tests, PDFs, URL addresses and other files.

TeachAde is available to teachers, college professors and college students for free, with full functionality provided to members following a simple online registration process. The site restricts advertising, although commercial members are allowed to display their brands and trademarks when participating in the TeachAde community.

TeachAdeTM (, is an interactive website designed for K-12 teachers, giving them the ability to receive relevant resources in a personalized desktop setting to enhance their teaching and professional development, as well as network with other teachers. Powered by Web 2.0 second-generation, Internet-based technology that permits online collaboration, the free site is designed to improve education by enabling Web teacher communities and resource sharing.

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