(April 19, 2007) Defywire, Inc. CEO Jill Stelfox announced today Defywire (www.defywire.com) is pledging to donate one million dollars of its premier software package Mobile Guardian Safety Suite to protect students in the United States. This million dollar commitment is open to districts that want to make their schools safer and more responsive in a time of crisis.

"We can´t wait anymore. I know our solution helps keep kids safe and is a critical component in the management of information to prevent and manage a wide range of issues dealing with student problems and crises. As a mom and as a person who understands technology, I simply can´t sit back anymore when I know we have technology that can make a difference."

Further, Ms. Stelfox challenges other corporations with technical solutions to step up and contribute their technology resources to keep our kids safe, starting now. Defywire has already started reaching out to other corporations to encourage their participation. "If not us, then who? If not now, then when?"asked Ms. Stelfox. "Enough is enough."

On 9/11, Stelfox was haunted by the knowledge that she could track an express mail package more easily than she could locate her children at school in an emergency.

With a background in mobile technology, she began a company dedicated to providing teachers, bus drivers, school officials and parents with the capacity to monitor kids´ whereabouts throughout the school day and to provide immediate, handheld wireless access to a wide range of information.

Mobile Guardian Safety Suite also has the capability of monitoring which children are generating incident reports at various locations throughout the school or on school buses. It´s these reports that are used to alert administrators to a potential problem. The application can send officials a message when a specific child has reached a certain threshold of "incident reports?–such as two per day, for example. At each step along the way, parents can be notified immediately of the events occurring with their child at school. Statistics show that children who begin a pattern of truancies, absenteeism and class disruptions are at higher risk for taking misbehavior to the next level.

In addition, the handheld technology gives school officials immediate access to emergency medical information about an ill or injured child, without losing precious minutes locating the information in a distant office. Even in the absence of a school wide catastrophic event, such a device is invaluable when athletes collapse on the practice field or children are left on a school bus at the end of the day.

Mobile Guardian Safety Suite is now used to protect a quarter-million schoolchildren, and Ms. Stelfox is determined to see this technology, or similar technology in every school in the United States. In her continued quest to make this technology readily available and affordable, the cost of this technology is less than $5 per child per year.

Any school district interested in immediately receiving the technology should go to www.defywire.com and click on Enough is Enough for additional details.

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