DENVER, COLO. (Apr. 24, 2007)–Marzano & Associates, in partnership with Re-Inventing Schools Coalition (RISC), announces a new symposium exploring research-based educational practices. The Serious Systemic School Reform Summer Symposium, sponsored by Excelsior Software, will take place on July 23-25 in Denver, Colo.

The symposium will explore research-based educational practices offering proof that all students can succeed. Attendees will benefit from the experiences and expertise of educators with intimate knowledge of school reform. In addition, they will have the opportunity to increase their understanding of Dr. Robert Marzano´s work, including principles and practical advice from his newest book, Classroom Assessment and Grading That Work.

"Symposium attendees will leave with new ideas and initiative regarding school reform," said Marzano, leading assessment scholar and internationally known author, trainer, and speaker. "They will be able to use the principles and best practices they learn to develop a ´standards-referenced´ model within their current school structures. In addition, the symposium will serve as a place for learning and community building."

Participants will engage in interactive sessions–learning the key elements of standards-based and standards-referenced models, discovering research-based classroom instructional strategies, designing assessments that encourage learning, building academic vocabulary, exploring formative classroom assessments and grading practices that work, and institutionalizing effective classroom instruction.

"The RISC model brings together all stakeholders as a learning community to create and then continuously refine a system that improves the educational experience of each individual student," said Wendy Battino, Executive Director at RISC. "We know that during the symposium we can help districts bring systemic and sustainable change to their educational process."

This ambitious new symposium represents a collaboration between Marzano & Associates and RISC, an organization that has led schools in Alaska (like the Chugach School District, one of the first education organizations to receive the prestigious Malcolm Baldridge Excellence Award) to dramatically restructure their schools so that the entire system, not just the classroom teacher, differentiates to meet the diverse needs of each student. Their bold model exemplifies the principles that Marzano has shared in his body of work that supports effective standards-based schools.

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About Marzano & Associates

Marzano & Associates specializes in long-term school reform efforts with K-12 public and private school districts and individual schools for the purpose of enhancing student academic achievement. Additionally, the company provides effective teaching services, program and product evaluation services, data analysis services, standards evaluation services, and training for educators and school leaders. Visit for more information.

About RISC

The Re-Inventing Schools Coalition provides technical assistance to organizations using proven interactive tools and processes that center on systemic and systematic improvement. The organization works in a multitude of urban and rural environments (classroom, school, district, and community) to accomplish predetermined goals driven by research and practice. RISC works to create lighthouse districts that meet the needs of all children by facilitating educational systems to: develop a shared vision based on the needs of all stakeholders; ensure shared leadership is deployed; implement a relevant standards-based design that incorporates "best practices;" build a continuous improvement process that leads to excellence; and to use web-based, relational databases to analyze processes and results. Visit for more information.

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