Cambridge, Mass. (April X, 2007)–Aerva, the innovator of cutting-edge digital signage technology and Web 2.0 applications that empower real-time interactivity between mobile devices and custom digital displays, today announced the addition of Freeport, Maine High School to its client roster. Freeport High School joins existing Aerva education customers, including Boston University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Noble High School in North Berwick, Maine, who have chosen Aerva´s AerChannel software suite to easily and cost-effectively manage and broadcast digital content to students.

Aerva´s AerChannel solution replaces an existing LED ticker display with a 42-inch plasma screen in the school hall, and supplements PA announcements to provide an interactive and engaging solution when Freeport High School´s staff needs to communicate valuable information to its students. With this screen located in a key student gathering area, students are able to receive important and entertaining news, including daily announcements via an RSS feed from Freeport High School´s Web site, and details from different school departments, each with its unique display layout, on a rotating basis throughout the day. For example, guidance staff will post college visit dates, content from college promotional DVDs, testing dates (e.g., SAT exams) and college acceptance announcements, including photos of the accepted students. The athletic department will leverage an RSS feed to automatically post its news to the system for all students and staff to see. In addition, art teachers will be presenting images of student work.

Taking it a step further, Freeport High School plans to leverage AerChannel´s dynamic interactivity capabilities to further engage students and enhance learning opportunities. Future goals include an SAT testing game and a substance awareness campaign, both of which will highlight questions and information on the school´s screen and encourage students to respond via SMS text messaging using their cell phones. The screen will highlight, in real-time, collective student responses, and the answers will be sent to their phones and prompt recipients with the option to receive more daily tips via their cell phones. Freeport High School hopes to possibly link other area schools to its interactive campaigns via AerChannel to foster interaction and scholarly competition between the schools.

"We examined all available solutions and quickly came to the conclusion that Aerva´s was most in line with the dynamic nature of a K-12 school system like ours," said Kerry Gallivan, technology systems director for the Freeport, Maine school system. "AerChannel´s flexibility, scalability and non-resource intensive model enable us to quickly deploy the solution via the Web and immediately start interacting with everyone in the school in an exciting, engaging way. From a management standpoint, AerChannel´s ability to support RSS feeds allows our staff to publish information one time and have it pushed to all appropriate venues, including posting on our screen, which is a huge time-saver."

"Working with an innovative school like Freeport High School is exciting for us," said Sanjay Manandhar, founder and CTO of Aerva. "AerChannel is a powerful tool for enhancing education, information-sharing and community building for K-12 and higher education institutions, and the traction we have gained in the education market validates schools´ interest in leveraging a unique, easy-to-use, dynamic interactive communication solution."

About AerChannel

The AerChannel software suite is a powerful and cost-effective communication and application-enabling platform. Users can manage one digital screen in one location or thousands of digital screens anywhere in the world easily via the Web, and the screens can support any content, including audio, video, text, images, TV, news, etc.

Because of the flexibility the suite provides, users can use any display (LED, plasma, CRT or others), whichever hardware they prefer (embedded in appliances to rack-mount systems) and any kind of operating system they choose (Linux, Windows or Mac). Also network independent, AerChannel works via broadband, satellite, dial-up or unconnected.

The interactive functionality offered by AerChannel, including Bluetooth, SMS (texting), MMS with displays and RFID, is built into the technology, requiring no further investment on the users´ part to create dynamic, two-way communications with target audiences.

About Aerva
Aerva, founded by MIT alumni in 2004 and headquartered in Cambridge, Mass., is a pioneer in cutting-edge digital signage technology and Web 2.0 applications. Enabling real-time interactivity between mobile devices and custom digital displays, with solutions positioned at the cross-section of digital signage, interactive applications and media content, Aerva is forging the way for business- and consumer-driven marketing and information sharing. For more information on Aerva, visit

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