NSBA Conference, San Francisco, CA (April 13, 2007)–CompassLearning Inc., the leading provider of K-12 education software that empowers educators to teach and students to learn more effectively, will announce tomorrow at the National School Boards Association´s Annual Conference in San Francisco, an exclusive partnership with Parent Tutor Corporation. Parent Tutor Corporation is the publisher of The Parent Tutor, an electronic tutorial service that provides parents with the tools they need to help their children achieve success in elementary and middle school classrooms.

As a result of the partnership, CompassLearning will bring directly to K-8 teachers the tools that The Parent Tutor offers currently to parents so educators can work directly with parents to increase parental involvement in the education of their children.

Called The Parent Toolkit?, the program will be available to teachers via the URL www.theparenttoolkit.com, a password-protected website populated with articles, activities, ideas and on- and off-line tutorials that parents can use?with guidance from teachers?to assist their children with schoolwork at home. The Parent Toolkit? meets the requirements of the Federal No Child Left Behind Act, which requires and provides funds for parent involvement programs.

Among the tools that teachers will find on www.theparenttoolkit.com are:
*Parent-friendly activities for K-8 foundational skills

*Standards-aligned targeted tutorials, in both Spanish and English, so parents can understand what is being taught at school and help their child learn

*Parent activity booklets aligned to district curricula support the teacher´s in-school instruction at home

*Instant resources that allow teachers to drill down to find the correct pre-requisite skill or go forward to more advanced skills to match each student´s ability level

*Recommended reading lists individualized by each student´s interest and reading level to improve reading achievement

*Database of well-researched and written in-depth articles that school administrators and teachers can use to educate parents on relevant issues

In addition, the easy-to-administer program allows a school district to get started with the program in as quickly as one day, saving the district time and money by not requiring in-depth staff development.

"Studies show that schools with an active parent outreach program perform up to 40% better on standardized tests than schools that do not offer such a program," says Ann Henson, CompassLearning´s Vice President of Curriculum and Instruction. "Increasing parent involvement is one of the most cost-effective ways to improve student achievement and The Parent Toolkit? will provide overworked school districts with an easy and cost-efficient way to help teachers get parents more engaged in their children´s education."

"CompassLearning has long been a leader in providing education software that allows educators to personalize and individualize their instruction to address the varied learning needs of students," says Bill Tudor, Parent Tutor Corporation´s President. "We´re delighted to be partnering with CompassLearning as they continue that mission."

About CompassLearning
CompassLearning is one of the nation´s leading providers of K-12 education software. With more than 35 years of experience in the field of research-based education software, CompassLearning delivers standards-aligned curriculum, assessment, and comprehensive data reporting products that reduce what CompassLearning calls "edu-stress," the stress associated with succeeding in today´s complex education environment. CompassLearning serves more than 11 million students in more than 20,000 schools nationwide. For more information about CompassLearning, visit www.compasslearning.com

About Parent Tutor Corporation
Founded by education industry veteran Bill Tudor, Florida-based Parent Tutor Corporation publishes The Parent Tutor, an electronic tutorial service that helps parents tutor their children in grades K-8. Tudor created The Parent Tutor after consulting with hundreds of educators, parents, and education experts to learn exactly what parents need to give their children an "edge" to succeed in school. Leading educators and parent advocacy groups have recognized The Parent Tutor as an effective resource in helping their parents "connect" with children in academic activities and as a tool that has had a significant impact in their success in school. For more information about Parent Tutor Corporation, visit www.parenttutor.com

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