NCAA passes text-messaging ban

College coaches will have to recruit the old-fashioned way next year: The National Collegiate Athletic Association’s (NCAA) board of directors approved a ban April 26 to eliminate all text messages from coaches to recruits beginning in August–though the board left open the possibility of revisiting that decision as early as 2008.

“One of the abuses that was described to us were text messages from a coach to a player saying, ‘Call me,'” Division I Vice President David Berst said on a conference call.

As a result, coaches no longer will be allowed to send text messages to recruits.

High-school athletes face far fewer restrictions. A recruit, for instance, could still message a college coach, although the coach could not respond under the new rule.

The move comes a week after the NCAA’s management council recommended passage of the ban, which also eliminates communications through other electronic means such as video phones, video conferencing, and message boards on social-networking web sites.

eMails and faxes still would be permissible and subject to current NCAA guidelines, which include some time periods that prohibit coaches from contacting recruits in any form.

What it means to coaches is fewer opportunities to attract players through today’s high-tech tools, and more reliance on the post office, eMail messages, and phone calls.

The proposal was creating concern among today’s tech-savvy coaches even before the 13-3 vote.

On April 23, Grant Teaff, executive director of the American Football Coaches Association, responded to the management council’s decision by sending a letter to the board asking it to delay a vote until compromise rules could be worked out.

The Student-Athlete Advisory Council had complained that text messaging was too costly and so intrusive that it sometimes bordered on harassment. Some of those stories prompted the board to ignore the coaches’ plea and vote anyway.

“The board was swayed very much by what the student-athletes had to say,” Berst said. “We heard anecdotal stories of someone waking up and having 52 text messages.”

In an unusual move, however, the board also indicated it would listen to new proposals. Typically, rules are approved or rejected without comment.

“I think it recognized there may be other ways of monitoring communications in the future, so it’s open to proposals,” Berst said. “But, for now, text messages have been eliminated.”

The board had given groups such as the coaches associations and conference officials an opportunity to make formal proposals before April 26.

None, Berst said, was received by the board before its meeting. A less restrictive measure on text messages was defeated by the management council in January, leaving the board with a decision on the all-or-nothing approach.

Previously, there were no limitations on how many text messages coaches could send.

“I think [the board] recognized we had a dilemma where student-athletes suggested there were some problems with text messages whereas coaches and assistant coaches wanted it to continue,” Berst said.

Teaff acknowledged last week that some restrictions were needed and suggested placing limits on the months text messages would be permissible.

Jim Haney, executive director of the National Association of Basketball Coaches, offered to support a measure reducing the hours text messages could be sent–such as not during school hours or late at night.

Enforcing the new measure also could prove difficult.

“It’s just like enforcing any other rule,” Berst said. “You’re not allowed to buy a kid a hamburger when he goes on the road, but that’s tough to enforce, too. There are many rules that, on the face of them, are unenforceable.”

The board also approved a package intended to help increase graduation rates among baseball players.

Two other measures that will take effect in August 2008:

•Transferring baseball players will have to sit out one year before regaining their eligibility, as football and basketball players already do. Baseball players currently receive a one-time exemption from that rule.

•Teams that fall under the NCAA’s new cutline to determine academic progress, a score of 900, also could face a 10-percent reduction in the number of games played and practices allowed.

“I think the baseball community has taken very serious steps to ensure that players can achieve those measures in the classroom, as well as continuing to be successful on the field,” NCAA President Myles Brand said.


National Collegiate Athletic Association

American Football Coaches Association

Student-Athlete Advisory Council

National Association of Basketball Coaches


Numara Software Welcomes Premier Education Institutions to Its Client Roster

TAMPA, Fla.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Numara Software, Inc., a leader in service desk management solutions for IT professionals, today announced nine of the many educational institutions that have recently selected Numara Software´s solutions, demonstrating the company´s continued strength in the education market. With more than 15 years of experience and two flagship product offerings, Numara Track-It! and Numara FootPrints, Numara Software is committed to providing reliable services to support the IT needs of students, faculty, staff and administrators.

Renowned institutions, including Indiana University; University of Florida College of Dentistry; Sarah Lawrence College; University of Nevada, Reno; University of Washington, Tacoma; US Military Academy and Saint Anselm College, have selected Numara Software as their trusted service desk management partner. Numara Software recognizes that educational institutions face tough challenges in providing reliable services to support the IT needs of students, faculty, staff and administrators. Numara Track-It! and Numara FootPrints automate critical IT and support functions, such as service desk automation for internal and external support along with asset management, software patch and deployment and network monitoring. These tools help educational organizations reduce support costs, improve workflow, speed problem resolution and incorporate industry best practices.

"In today´s digital age, students and faculty expect 24/7 customer support via phone, email, the Web and wireless devices, and Numara Software offers automated, scalable solutions to streamline this process," said David Weiss, president and CEO, Numara Software. "By automating service desk functions, schools and universities aren´t faced with the headaches associated with downtime and service request management, and they can dedicate their time and resources to fostering a learning environment."

Numara FootPrints Hosting Service 7.5, the latest release in the Numara FootPrints line of 100 percent web-based service desk software, is a popular solution for many educational institutions, including both colleges and universities that need a scalable system to centralize multi-channel communications and request tracking services, email management, comprehensive automated workflow, knowledge management and self-service online. The Numara FootPrints Hosting Service´s reliable tracking and reporting capabilities helps schools to cut down on costs and save time. Additionally, the hosting option eliminates the requirements of procuring and managing the back end infrastructure.
"Numara FootPrints´ ease of use and excellent reporting capabilities are invaluable to our department," said Shuchi Nalepa, manager, Information Technology at Penn State Smeal College of Business. "With the hosted offering, our IT staff is no longer burdened with server and software upgrades so we can focus our time on more important activities. We are so happy with Numara Software that we have expanded our use of the offering from just one area of our IT group to the entire group, which includes more than 18 projects."

The Penn State Smeal College of Business implemented the Numara FootPrints service desk solution three years ago and added Numara FootPrints Hosting Service 7.5 in October 2006. Prior to implementing the Numara FootPrints Hosting Service, the school had been using a work order database that was inconsistent and cumbersome to use, managed by a vendor that required hefty costs each time the school needed to make a change. Numara FootPrints enables the college to offer its 500 faculty and staff an automated and centralized tracking and reporting system for logging and managing support requests. With the hosted model, Numara Software ensures that the execution and monitoring of all upgrades happen seamlessly, thereby relieving educational institutions of unnecessary service desk burdens.
Numara Track-It! and Numara FootPrints automate critical IT and support functions, such as service desk automation for internal and external support along with asset management, software patch and deployment and network monitoring. These tools help organizations to reduce support costs, improve workflow, speed problem resolution and incorporate industry best practices.

About Numara Software, Inc.

Founded in 1991, Numara Software, Inc. (formerly Blue Ocean Software) is a global provider of service desk management solutions for help desk and customer support professionals who need to simplify and gain control over their increasingly complex environments. Numara Software´s trusted solutions address critical IT and support functions, such as customer service desk, IT help desk, asset management, software patch and deployment, and network monitoring.
With its two flagship products, Numara Track-It! and Numara FootPrints, and more than 50,000 customer sites worldwide, Numara Software is the service desk management leader for small to mid-sized enterprises. To register for a one-on-one guided walkthrough, attend a webinar or download a trial, please call (800) 557-6970 or visit:


Researchers at Association of Hispanic Advertising Agencies (AHAA) Conference Dispel Myth That U.S. Hispanics Are Not Online

CHICAGO and McLEAN, VA, April 27, 2007–As brands compete for the coveted Latino consumer in the United States, some are just beginning to explore the emerging digital space as a new medium to deliver their messaging. But are U.S. Hispanics really online? Researchers yesterday at the Association of Hispanic Advertising Agencies 22nd semi-annual conference confirmed that 13.9 million Hispanic adults are indeed online and of those 8.5 million have broadband. But, even more impressive and important to marketers is how Hispanics are interacting online, the frequency and time spent online, and the types of activities Latinos are engaging in while connected.

According to Forrester Research, whose Tamara Barber spoke at the event, the use of social network sites such as My Space among Latinos increased by 200 percent from 2005 to 2006, and music and video downloads are on the rise as well. Activities with an entertainment focus requiring a broadband connection such as streaming audio or video are popular with Latinos. From mobile phones and laptops, to MP3 players and PDAs, Hispanics are connecting and being entertained just about everywhere. (Hispanic Technographics Consumer Technology And Marketing Phone Survey, Q1 2007, and Forrester´s Hispanic American Technology Adoption Study Fall 2005 Phone Survey, Forrester Research).

Data presented by Adriana Waterston, vice president of marketing and business development for Horowitz Associates, a market research company, confirms that Hispanics with broadband access are indeed heavily vested in broadband-enabled information, communications and entertainment activities.

"In our newest study, "Making the Connection: Consumer Broadband Lifestyles," we interviewed broadband users about their television consumption, broadband use and general lifestyles and attitudes. Formal segmentation revealed six segments–Non-Tech Utilitarians Web Moms, Sports–Gotta Have It, The Broadband Workforce, Mavens and Mavericks, and Connected Multiculturals," Waterston said.

"When we ran the data among only Hispanics, we found that over 60% of Hispanics fall in the three heavy user groups: The Broadband Workforce, Mavens and Mavericks, and The Connected Multiculturals. Indeed, almost one third of Hispanics fell into The Connected Multiculturals, the segment characterized by highest overall usage of broadband for most activities, including for watching video content online, and that have the highest ownership of portable devices. Moreover, Latinos are more likely than the average broadband user when comparing usage such as shopping online or downloading a movie to their iPod."

Hispanic marketers acknowledge they may have a little catching up to do in targeting this large and growing segment of the population online and AHAA Chairman Carl Kravetz, chairman/chief strategic officer of cruz/kravetz:IDEAS agrees. "Until now, we really haven´t had the data to back up the online Hispanic presence," Kravetz said. "But now, with research groups collecting data consistently to gauge not only how many Latinos are using the Internet but how they are engaging with new media and new devices, our Hispanic agencies can begin to target online consumers effectively. The next step is to further define the online Hispanic market in terms of demographics–age, language preference, and acculturation–as well as attitudes and behaviors around language, cultural relevance and the Internet."

Statistics indicate that the average age of Hispanics online is 37 and that they spend an average of 33.9 hours online each week. In Waterston´s panel presentation she explained that Horowitz interviewed all types of Hispanics but found that once they were connected, or had access, what they did online was pretty similar despite language preference or acculturation. "Broadband is a great equalizer in terms of the Hispanic market," Waterston said.

Hispanic ad agencies must now take the information researchers are providing and develop the best methods to reach consumers in the digital environment. Money is being diverted to new media marketing initiatives as digital innovation catches fire but Marcy Greenberger, associate media director for Tapestry says, "It is up to us to stay on top of trends, inform our clients and educate our teams to reach consumers effectively and understand where our consumers are online." Determining the right mix to connect people, technology and brands isn´t easy, but Hispanic marketers agree they must lead the effort.

About AHAA :
The Association of Hispanic Advertising Agencies (AHAA) is the national organization of firms that specialize in marketing to the nation´s 42 million Hispanic consumers, the most rapidly growing segment of the American population. AHAA promotes the strength of the Hispanic marketing and advertising industry to the private and public sectors. AHAA agencies offer a unique blend of cultural understanding, market intelligence, proven experience and professionalism that deliver Hispanic market success for clients. AHAA agencies help organizations gain market share, increase revenue and grow profits by building the bridges and delivering the messages to reach America´s Hispanic consumers, who together have an estimated buying power of more than $800 billion. Visit for more information.


Senior Meteorologist from WeatherBug to Discuss 2007 Tornado Season with Students and Educators Nationwide

What: WeatherBug, a leading provider of live, local weather data for businesses, schools and consumers, brings technology to the classroom and gives students the opportunity to speak directly with a senior meteorologist about the 2007 Tornado Season. More than 1,000 students and educators from across the country have signed up to participate in the first-of-its-kind, live, interactive conference calls to be held next week. Reporters are invited to call-in to hear the presentation and Q&A with the students.

Who: Joe Bartosik, Senior Meteorologist, WeatherBug

When: Thursday, May 3, 11 a.m. and 3 p.m. EDT
Monday, May 9, 11 a.m. and 1 p.m. EDT

WeatherBug installs professional-grade WeatherBug Tracking Stations at schools and enables teachers to apply real-world weather conditions in math, science and geography through its award-winning educational program, WeatherBug Achieve. Teachers and students from elementary school through the university level access weather data at their own school or from any other WeatherBug site around the country.

WeatherBug ensures that individuals, schools, businesses and government agencies receive the most precise live weather information, the most relevant weather reports, and the earliest weather warnings to safeguard property, lives and to plan with confidence. With 8,000 WeatherBug Tracking Stations and over 1,000 cameras primarily based at neighborhood schools and public safety facilities across the U.S., WeatherBug maintains the largest exclusive weather network in the world. The live, local weather conditions are delivered to millions of consumers via the Internet and mobile devices, more than 100 state and local government agencies including the National Weather Service, and to broadcast television stations, schools, and businesses. WeatherBug data is unique as it is the only live, neighborhood weather available anywhere. WeatherBug is a brand of AWS Convergence Technologies, Inc. (


Discovery Educator Network Webinar Gives Students Behind-the-Scenes Look at Discovery Channel´s PLANET EARTH

Were the dolphins friendly?
Did you help any animals, and if not, why?
Did your crew find themselves in any danger from the animals while they were filming?

These were just some of the questions 1,000 students and teachers from 60 schools across the country posed to Dr. Penny Allen, one of the producers of PLANET EARTH, during a Discovery Educator Network (DEN) webinar this week on Discovery Channel´s ground-breaking series. Students and teachers from the mostly upper elementary classes were given a special behind-the-scenes look at the filming of PLANET EARTH by Allen, a producer with the BBC.

The webinar, a web conference, allowed the students to simultaneously speak and listen to Allen, see photos from the program and participate in a live chat with other classrooms. The students had already previewed the program in their classrooms and prepared questions to send to the producer. Discovery Educations´ Matt Monjan, Account Services Coordinator, moderated the chat and was joined by Scott Kinney, Director, Discovery Educator Network and Steve Dembo, Online Community Manager, Discovery Educator Network.

Allen – joining the webinar from London – shared her many incredible experiences filming the world´s most fascinating animals and habitats. When asked about her favorite place to film, Allen quickly responded, "The Redwood Forest (in California)." Allen talked about the beauty of the trees and the thrill of climbing up them. "I was surrounded by trees 300 feet high. It was a magical cathedral and I haven´t gotten over the excitement of being amongst those trees," she continued.

Allen fielded many questions that ranged subjects from the behavior of the animals, "Are dolphins friendly?" (Yes, bottle-nose dolphins are very curious and playful to humans, but not always to each other.), to filming techniques, "How did you get video of the shark in slow motion?" (A special camera allowed them to film 1,000 frames per second and capture the whole shark attack in one second, which they slowed down 400 times.)

The students and teachers were eager to learn about the little known details about the production of PLANET EARTH, such as scenes that didn´t make the series. Allen shared how she worked on the filming of a plague of caterpillars stripping a forest bed over the course of four weeks and being "eaten by mosquitoes," only to find out later that the scene would not be included in the final program. Students also heard about Allen´s encounters with pollution. During the filming for Deep Oceans, Allen said it didn´t matter where she and the crew found themselves, they would see bits of rubbish and trash floating in the water.

Debbie Bohanan, a teacher from Reedy Creek Elementary School in Kissimmee, Florida, summed up the message of PLANET EARTH and the goal of the DEN webinar, "The message they are sending out is that we live on a spectacular planet and it is up to us to save it for future generations to enjoy."

Upcoming Webinar: Space Week, Friday, May 4

Join the Discovery Educator Network next Friday, May 4 at 1 PM (ET) for a special webinar with allan Butler, producer of The Science Channel´s first ever SPACE WEEK.

Allan is an Executive Producer at Discovery Channel and The Science Channel in Silver Spring, Maryland. Over the past three years, he has overseen the production of over 150 hours of documentary films for these two networks, including such acclaimed shows as TOMB BUIDLERS: SECRETS OF THE VALLEY OF THE KINGS, DISCOVRIES THIS WEEK and BLIND HOPE, the story of one man´s courageous quest to regain his eyesight using an experimental brain implant; and live coverage of the most recent Space Shuttle launch.

Current productions include:

*GEOLOGIC JOURNEY, a voyage across North America to discover its major geologic features

*HATSHEPSUT, a forensic detective mystery to track down a long lost female Egyptian Pharaoh

*EXPLORING TIME, an National Science Foundation funded series that examines the varied timeframes in which the earth´s systems operate

Allan has also been involved in the production of dozens of programs about space exploration, and is overseeing the Science Channel´s special slate of space programming known as SPACE WEEK 2007, which takes place the week of May 6th, 2007.

To register for the webinar, contact Jennifer Henry at or 240-662-2377.

About Discovery Education

Discovery Education is a division of Discovery Communications, the leading global real-world and knowledge-based media company. The leader in digital video-based learning, Discovery Education produces and distributes high-quality digital video content in easy-to-use formats, in all core-curricular subject areas. Discovery Education is committed to creating scientifically proven, standards-based digital resources for teachers, students, and parents that make a positive impact on student learning. Through strategic partnerships with public television stations across the country, its public service initiatives, products, and joint business ventures, Discovery Education helps educators around the world harness the power of broadband and media to connect their students to a world of learning. For more information, visit


ANGEL Learning Announces Integration with Tegrity

Indianapolis, Ind.–April 30, 2007–ANGEL Learning, recognized innovator of enterprise elearning software and services, today announced the integration of ANGEL LMS with Tegrity, a leading provider of student achievement systems. Seamless integration of ANGEL with the Tegrity Campus 2.0 next-generation web-based solution enables ANGEL users access to Tegrity´s class recordings, digital notes technology and podcasting solutions directly from within the ANGEL learning environment, through a single sign-in.

Santa Clara University in California is the first institution to apply the enhancements. Santa Clara University adopted ANGEL LMS in 2003 and adopted Tegrity technology to extend the value of its ANGEL adoption in 2005. "Providing students with flexible media and technology tools to suit their individual learning styles and help them achieve their academic potential is an important element of our strategy to maximize student success," said Ron Danielson, CIO of Santa Clara University. "The integration of Tegrity Campus 2.0 with ANGEL LMS significantly simplifies the management of Tegrity recordings through ANGEL. This allows many more courses to record the classroom experience for later review, which we believe positively impacts student learning on our campus, without increases in support staff."

"ANGEL and Tegrity share a vision for improving teaching and learning by providing students with the tools and resources that will lead them to succeed," said Isaac Segal, president and CEO of Tegrity. "Our partnership with ANGEL is strong, and we will continue working together to ensure that our customers are provided solutions that fulfill their changing needs."

"Tegrity produces a unique solution to capture, index and store class content, extending learning opportunities for ANGEL customers," said Christopher D. Clapp, president and CEO, ANGEL Learning. "Santa Clara University´s enthusiasm for the seamless ANGEL-Tegrity integration is evidence of the power of cooperatively developing solutions that meet evolving educational needs."

The inherent openness of the ANGEL system enables integrations with complementing technologies that leverage core ANGEL functionality and add value to ANGEL adoptions. The Tegrity integration with ANGEL allows Tegrity to use course catalog and student enrollment data in ANGEL to organize course content and manage user access, eliminating the need for manual scheduling, uploading or access rights management.

About ANGEL Learning

ANGEL Learning, Inc. develops and markets enterprise elearning software. Our flagship products are the ANGEL Learning Management Suite and the ANGEL ePortfolio system. Our products have been honed by use–with millions of students and instructors served from K to corporate. We enjoy a reputation for creating products with exceptional ease of use, excellent vision into learner progress and for keeping our commitments. ANGEL LMS won the Software & Information Industry Association CODiE award for Best Postsecondary Course Management Solution in both 2006 and 2007 and is the only product to win the award two years in a row. Educators ranked ANGEL first in customer satisfaction in the IMS GLC Learn-Sat awards. Having emerged from the academy ourselves, our core values reflect those of our customers well. ANGEL world headquarters are in Indianapolis, Indiana. To learn more about the ANGEL difference, visit us at

About Tegrity

Tegrity Campus is the first student achievement system that impacts learning across the entire institution, improving retention and student satisfaction. Tegrity makes class time available all the time by automatically capturing, storing and indexing every class on campus for replay by every student. Educators know that the more students can see, hear, and experience class resources, the better they learn. With Tegrity, students quickly recall key moments or replay entire classes online, with their digital notes, on their iPods and on their cell phones. Tegrity Campus was recently recognized with two IMS Global Learning Consortium (IMS GLC) Learn-Sat awards, earning a space among the top ten technology products supporting teaching and learning and a rating of "Best in Category" for classroom capture products. Tegrity, also recognized by IMS GLC with a 2007 Learning Impact Award, is based in Santa Clara, California with regional offices throughout the United States. For more information, visit


North American Video´s Las Vegas Facility Tour A Highlight of ISC West Education Program.

Brick, NJ (April 26, 2007)–Education. Education. Education. It´s a common refrain heard from manufacturers, customers, installers and system integrators regarding ways in which security professionals can upgrade their knowledge and skills to meet the demands of a changing industry. To this end, North American Video (NAV), a leading security systems integrator, and a premier provider to the gaming industry, was recently invited by the 2007 ISC West Education Program to provide a tour of its systems integration facility in Las Vegas for security professionals interested in obtaining practical systems integration knowledge.

"Education programs, such as those offered by Reed Exhibitions at ISC West, provide valuable and practical information to help meet the challenges of continually improving one´s knowledge and expertise," said Cynthia Freschi, President of North American Video. "Our offering–a comprehensive tour of our systems integration facility in Las Vegas? extended an opportunity for participants to gain firsthand knowledge and insight to the big picture of implementing cross-disciplinary security systems."

The system integrator visit, along with a tour of the Stratosphere Hotel and Casino, were optional conference packages offered by ISC Education.

According to Rich Billington, NAV´s Director of Operations, Western Region, two tours of 35 persons each attended the session at NAV´s Las Vegas facility, hosted by Billington.

"We offered the tour for the first time last year and were pleased to be asked again this year," said Billington. "It was really an eye opener for some of the people attending and they had a lot of questions about system integration as well as NAV and its history."

The tour included demonstrations of various vendors´ products, including North American Video´s 360° surveillance camera system, and a manufacturer-presented demonstration of digital recording, analytics and management solutions from VidSys. As well, attendees learned of the processes involved from start to finish in implementing an integrated and networked security system.

"Classroom sessions and panel discussions are basic to any educational program," said Cynthia Holloway, Director of Industry Development, Reed Exhibitions. "However, NAV´s Las Vegas facility provided an ideal situation for security professionals to learn through a practical experience. "

For more information, North American Video can be reached by contacting any of the following: E-mail address:, Toll Free Phone: 1-800-714-0717, or Web Address:

About NAV
North American Video is one of the premier security systems integrators in the country and "Systems Integrator of the Year" in 2005. From system design through equipment installation and training, North American Video provides the highest levels of performance, integration, customer service and support. With offices located in New Jersey, New York, Las Vegas, Washington State and Mississippi, North American Video has built an extensive client list over the years, including numerous casinos, schools, corporations, retail, banking and financial institutions.

About ISC

ISC West is sponsored by the Security Industry Association (SIA) and endorsed by the NBFAA and California Alarm Association (CAA). For the past four years, ISC West has been ranked as one of Tradeshow Week´s "Fastest 50 Growing Events." It is part of the entire ISC portfolio including the upcoming ISC East event in New York, Sept. 11-12 at the Jacob Javits Convention Center and the recently launched ISC Brasil, May 2-4, 2007 at the Transamerica Convention Center in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

About Reed Exhibitions

Reed Exhibitions, producers of these events, is the world´s largest organizer of business-to-business events. Each year Reed plans and executes over 460 events worldwide. For information on attending or exhibiting at either ISC EXPO event, visit or or to reserve your booth space, call Group Sales Director Bob McFarland at 203/840-5568.


CompassLearning Software Product Wins 2007 CODiE Award

April 23, 2007, AUSTIN, TX–Odyssey Assessment Solution, a cutting-edge education software product by CompassLearning, Inc., has won a 2007 CODiE Award, the Software & Information Industry Association´s (SIIA) highly-regarded award for excellence in software design and development. CompassLearning is one of the nation´s leading providers of K-12 education software.

"We are thrilled that the Odyssey Assessment Solution won this prestigious award," said Eric Loeffel, president of CompassLearning. "Our Odyssey Assessment Solution is a ground-breaking tool for students and teachers alike, allowing for customized assignments and assessments, benchmark testing, targeted intervention and enrichment. We´re delighted that the CODiE Award judges have recognized the significance, value and quality of this product."

The award winners were named at the 22nd annual CODiE Awards gala, held on April 17 at the Palace Hotel in San Francisco, the culmination of the two-day SIIA annual conference. "I applaud CompassLearning for winning this year´s CODiE Award for Best Student Assessment Solution," said Ken Wasch, SIIA President. "The software and information industry continues to move at a dizzying pace, and being recognized by your peers for getting to and staying at the head of the pack in such a dynamic environment is a major accomplishment. It is one of the reasons why the CODiE Awards hold such a special place in our industry."

A record number of nominations were received for the 22nd annual CODiE Awards. The winners were selected from a pool of more than 1,200 nominations submitted by more than 600 companies. CompassLearning is also a previous winner of the CODiE Award for its Odyssey ELL software product.

About CompassLearning

CompassLearning is one of the nation´s leading providers of K-12 education software that helps educators teach and students learn more effectively. With more than 35 years of experience in the field of research-based education software, CompassLearning delivers standards-aligned curriculum, assessment and comprehensive data reporting products that reduce what CompassLearning calls "edu-stress," the stress associated with succeeding in today´s complex education environment. CompassLearning serves more than 11 million students in more than 20,000 schools nationwide. For more information about CompassLearning, visit


ANGEL LMS Wins Best Postsecondary Course Management Solution CODiE Award for Second Year in a Row

Indianapolis, Ind.–April 26, 2007–ANGEL® Learning, recognized innovator of enterprise e-learning software and services, today announced that its flagship product the ANGEL Learning Management Suite has won the Software and Information Industry Association (SIIA) CODiE Award for Best Postsecondary Course or Content Management Solution for the second year in a row. The award recognizes ANGEL Learning´s "outstanding achievement and vision in education technology."
CODiE Award Judges were impressed with ANGEL´s performance. "ANGEL allows much manipulation of the teaching content as well as opportunities for various tools not found in other systems," and singled out these additional ANGEL strengths:

*Ease of use.

*A comprehensive assessment system for instructors to act on data that is either aggregated or detailed for specific criteria.

*Users are provided tasks to be completed from main home page.

*Users can join different collaborative groups in addition to courses and share information in various ways.

"Our industry competes energetically for the CODiE award," said Christopher D. Clapp, president and CEO, ANGEL Learning. "Being chosen as the Best Course Management System for the second year running is a special honor and is also confirmation for us that our focus on creating an exceptional educational experience differentiates ANGEL in a compelling way."

"I applaud all the companies selected as winners in the 22nd annual CODiE Awards," said Ken Wasch, SIIA President. "The software and information industry continues to move at a dizzying pace, and being recognized by your peers for getting to and staying at the head of the pack in such a dynamic environment is a major accomplishment. It is one of the reasons the CODiE Awards hold such a special place in our industry."

ANGEL LMS is the only product to win the SIIA CODiE Award for Best Postsecondary Course/Content Management Solution two years in a row.


CompassLearning Announces Partnership with Parent Tutor Corporation

NSBA Conference, San Francisco, CA (April 13, 2007)–CompassLearning Inc., the leading provider of K-12 education software that empowers educators to teach and students to learn more effectively, will announce tomorrow at the National School Boards Association´s Annual Conference in San Francisco, an exclusive partnership with Parent Tutor Corporation. Parent Tutor Corporation is the publisher of The Parent Tutor, an electronic tutorial service that provides parents with the tools they need to help their children achieve success in elementary and middle school classrooms.

As a result of the partnership, CompassLearning will bring directly to K-8 teachers the tools that The Parent Tutor offers currently to parents so educators can work directly with parents to increase parental involvement in the education of their children.

Called The Parent Toolkit?, the program will be available to teachers via the URL, a password-protected website populated with articles, activities, ideas and on- and off-line tutorials that parents can use?with guidance from teachers?to assist their children with schoolwork at home. The Parent Toolkit? meets the requirements of the Federal No Child Left Behind Act, which requires and provides funds for parent involvement programs.

Among the tools that teachers will find on are:
*Parent-friendly activities for K-8 foundational skills

*Standards-aligned targeted tutorials, in both Spanish and English, so parents can understand what is being taught at school and help their child learn

*Parent activity booklets aligned to district curricula support the teacher´s in-school instruction at home

*Instant resources that allow teachers to drill down to find the correct pre-requisite skill or go forward to more advanced skills to match each student´s ability level

*Recommended reading lists individualized by each student´s interest and reading level to improve reading achievement

*Database of well-researched and written in-depth articles that school administrators and teachers can use to educate parents on relevant issues

In addition, the easy-to-administer program allows a school district to get started with the program in as quickly as one day, saving the district time and money by not requiring in-depth staff development.

"Studies show that schools with an active parent outreach program perform up to 40% better on standardized tests than schools that do not offer such a program," says Ann Henson, CompassLearning´s Vice President of Curriculum and Instruction. "Increasing parent involvement is one of the most cost-effective ways to improve student achievement and The Parent Toolkit? will provide overworked school districts with an easy and cost-efficient way to help teachers get parents more engaged in their children´s education."

"CompassLearning has long been a leader in providing education software that allows educators to personalize and individualize their instruction to address the varied learning needs of students," says Bill Tudor, Parent Tutor Corporation´s President. "We´re delighted to be partnering with CompassLearning as they continue that mission."

About CompassLearning
CompassLearning is one of the nation´s leading providers of K-12 education software. With more than 35 years of experience in the field of research-based education software, CompassLearning delivers standards-aligned curriculum, assessment, and comprehensive data reporting products that reduce what CompassLearning calls "edu-stress," the stress associated with succeeding in today´s complex education environment. CompassLearning serves more than 11 million students in more than 20,000 schools nationwide. For more information about CompassLearning, visit

About Parent Tutor Corporation
Founded by education industry veteran Bill Tudor, Florida-based Parent Tutor Corporation publishes The Parent Tutor, an electronic tutorial service that helps parents tutor their children in grades K-8. Tudor created The Parent Tutor after consulting with hundreds of educators, parents, and education experts to learn exactly what parents need to give their children an "edge" to succeed in school. Leading educators and parent advocacy groups have recognized The Parent Tutor as an effective resource in helping their parents "connect" with children in academic activities and as a tool that has had a significant impact in their success in school. For more information about Parent Tutor Corporation, visit