New Software Takes Students on a Quest to Learn Standard English Grammar

ST. LOUIS, MO, April 25, 2007 — One of the newest instructional modules to be added to Orchard Software is Understanding and Using Grammar. The recently-released program for grades 4-6 features Questie, an animated character who is conspicuously unskilled in the use of standard English grammar and punctuation. Students learn by helping Questie become better acquainted with the grammatical conventions that underlie the construction of effective sentences.

Appropriate for both general classroom applications and teaching English language learners (ELL), Understanding and Using Grammar incorporates creative and humorous scenarios, compelling graphics, and frequent opportunities for interaction and feedback. The result: the task of learning about nouns, pronouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, conjunctions and prepositions becomes an adventure.

"English grammar continues to be a topic of universal interest to educators," said Bill Edwards, President of Siboney Learning Group, "because students need to learn to express ideas clearly and succinctly, regardless of grade level or subject area. Understanding and Using Grammar helps provide the foundation students need to become skilled communicators."

Understanding and Using Grammar joins the more than 160 language arts, math and science curriculum modules, or Skill Trees, offered through Orchard Software. Orchard is a comprehensive K-9 educational software solution that also provides standards-based assessments and automatic targeted assignments. For more information, go to
Siboney Learning Group is a dynamic publisher, integrator, and provider of comprehensive and motivational software. Its associates are passionate about the success of children and adult learners and are committed to playing a leading role in their education by providing high-quality software.


Community College Presidents and Regent Convene to Discuss the 21st Century Financial Aid Office

Frederick, MD, April 25, 2007–Regent, the leading provider of financial aid management software solutions for higher education institutions, recently invited top institutional leaders at the Higher Education Research and Development Institute´s (HERDI) Spring conference in Tampa to discuss the 21st Century financial aid office.

HERDI unites innovative companies with top community college presidents to provide candid feedback from top administrators that can help companies shape strategy and products so that they align more closely with needs of the higher education marketplace.

At the HERDI event, Regent met with a panel of presidents representing five community colleges of differing sizes from across the country. The panel said that technology such as Regent´s financial aid management solution is key to addressing 21st Century needs: accountability, funds management, and an effective 21st Century financial aid office. Regent provides seamless communication among all financial aid stakeholders and efficiency gains due to ease of use, automation, and improved workflow. The presidents said that these efficiencies have a direct and positive effect on their institutions´ bottom lines, providing an excellent return on investment. Some 69% of not-for-profit institution enrollments are aid based, which means a substantial portion of an institutions operation budget is directly or indirectly tied to student aid.

Jackie Snyder, president of the Metropolitan Community College District in Kansas City, MO, said, "Working with companies like Regent enables us to learn more about leading innovative solutions in the market that help us shape our business processes. I learned a great deal about how traditional financial aid processes can be greatly enhanced to benefit our students by utilizing a system as dynamic and robust as Regent."

Toni Cleveland, HERDI´s president, said, "At the HERDI conference, company representatives and the community college presidents engage in a candid meaningful dialog. This is a good start. Our goal is to foster the development of positive relationships between community college presidents and company representatives that goes way beyond conference meetings."

"Participation at HERDI afforded Regent the opportunity to learn from top community colleges leaders," said Mike Ratti, Regent´s CEO. "The insight we gained through our frank, straightforward discussion with the presidents will help Regent continue to shape its strategy to help higher education institutions better align with the challenges of achieving operational excellence and enterprise wide transparency".

About Regent

With nearly 30 years of Higher Education knowledge and experience, Regent is a leading provider of financial aid management software solutions for higher education institutions. Its highly functional, affordable, off-the-shelf solutions are designed to interoperate with and enhance existing ERP systems, while enabling institutions to realize a positive, quantifiable ROI in the same fiscal period they are deployed. Regent automates key processes such as packaging, awarding, tracking and disbursements. Built with financial aid offices in mind, Regent enables users to gain access to actionable information, anytime and anywhere.


identiMetrics´ CFO Welcomed as Keynote Speaker and "Biometrics" Ambassador for 7th Annual Girls Exploring Tomorrow´s Technology (GETT) Event.

MALVERN, PA–(BUSINESS WIRE)–WEDNESDAY, APRIL 25, 2007–identiMetrics, a recognized leader in the development and marketing of biometrics finger scanning identification solutions, with their proprietary software identiFi, recently enjoyed an unusual audience, when their Chief Financial Officer, Anne Marie Dunphy, was the Keynote Speaker at the 7th Annual Girls Exploring Tomorrow´s Technology (GETT) event in Pennsylvania, hosted by the Chester County Intermediate Unit and sponsored by the Innovative Technology Action Group (ITAG) of the Chester County Economic Development Council.

Girls Exploring Tomorrow´s Technology (GETT) began in Chester County, PA in 2001 as a pro-active response to the "technological gender gap" in the technology workforce of the county, the country and the world. Over the years, this annual event for Chester County, Pennsylvania middle and high school girls in grades 6-12, their parents, teachers and counselors has explored how technology careers can be fulfilling, fun and rewarding, personally, professionally and financially. The event, sponsored by the Innovative Technology Action Group (ITAG) as a major outreach project, continues to draw local and national interest in support of its mission to target the workforce of the future by promoting technology careers to girls and young women.

On March 24th, over 250 attendees at the Service Center of the Chester County Intermediate Unit in Downingtown, PA, experienced a fast-paced four and a half hour program that began with Ms Dunphy´s keynote address, followed by breakout sessions and seminars, with topics ranging from hardware, music and healthcare technology to biometrics, college financing and cyber security. The attendees had the opportunity to meet and interact with businesswomen who have established successful careers in a variety of technology fields, and who serve as outstanding mentors and role models for the girls.

"I was thrilled to participate in this exciting event which was right in our own backyard," remarked Ms Dunphy. "I feel fortunate to be an ?ambassador for biometrics´ and to be able to give back to the community. As a woman and co-founder of our company, I applaud GETT for their work in giving local young women the opportunity to explore technology hands-on and prepare them for a wonderful future in any of the rapidly growing technology fields," she finishes.

"I couldn´t have said it better myself," added Mame Linford, GETT Co-chairperson, Project Manager for the School to Careers Programs at the Chester County Intermediate Unit. "This is such important work given the continued under-representation of women in post-secondary computer science majors and related careers. GETT provides our girls with interesting and appealing career options that we hope will influence their choices in high school and beyond. By example, we are proud to be the 2007 recipient of the American Association of University Women (AAUW), Chester County Branch, ?Gateway to Equity" Award which recognizes our combined mission to promote education and equity to all who attend GETT. It doesn´t get much better than that," she smiled, "but there´s still a lot of work to be done."

"We couldn´t have chosen a more appropriate speaker for this year´s event," added Anne S. Morris, Chester County Economic Development Council´s ITAG Program Consultant, and GETT Co-chairperson. Anne Marie´s presentation was informative, inspiring, dynamic and ?real life´. However, it takes a special talent to engage young girls, capture their attention and get them excited about exploring their potential in innovative fields of technology. Bouquets of thanks for her active support of GETT´s mission."

identiMetrics, Inc., an identity management company, is a leader in the development and marketing of biometric finger scanning identification solutions. identiMetrics´ proprietary software, identiFi?, is a biometric finger scanning ID platform that provides a cost-effective and accurate replacement for swipe-card readers, barcode readers, and PIN pads, allowing any organization to rapidly integrate and easily deploy biometrics. identiFi? eliminates the problems and costs created by cards and PINS and quickly integrates with host applications providing irrefutable proof of identification. identiMetrics is primarily focused on the unique needs of consumer markets including education, retail POS, healthcare and hospitality. For more information, visit


Enough is Enough: Safety Starts NOW

(April 19, 2007) Defywire, Inc. CEO Jill Stelfox announced today Defywire ( is pledging to donate one million dollars of its premier software package Mobile Guardian Safety Suite to protect students in the United States. This million dollar commitment is open to districts that want to make their schools safer and more responsive in a time of crisis.

"We can´t wait anymore. I know our solution helps keep kids safe and is a critical component in the management of information to prevent and manage a wide range of issues dealing with student problems and crises. As a mom and as a person who understands technology, I simply can´t sit back anymore when I know we have technology that can make a difference."

Further, Ms. Stelfox challenges other corporations with technical solutions to step up and contribute their technology resources to keep our kids safe, starting now. Defywire has already started reaching out to other corporations to encourage their participation. "If not us, then who? If not now, then when?"asked Ms. Stelfox. "Enough is enough."

On 9/11, Stelfox was haunted by the knowledge that she could track an express mail package more easily than she could locate her children at school in an emergency.

With a background in mobile technology, she began a company dedicated to providing teachers, bus drivers, school officials and parents with the capacity to monitor kids´ whereabouts throughout the school day and to provide immediate, handheld wireless access to a wide range of information.

Mobile Guardian Safety Suite also has the capability of monitoring which children are generating incident reports at various locations throughout the school or on school buses. It´s these reports that are used to alert administrators to a potential problem. The application can send officials a message when a specific child has reached a certain threshold of "incident reports?–such as two per day, for example. At each step along the way, parents can be notified immediately of the events occurring with their child at school. Statistics show that children who begin a pattern of truancies, absenteeism and class disruptions are at higher risk for taking misbehavior to the next level.

In addition, the handheld technology gives school officials immediate access to emergency medical information about an ill or injured child, without losing precious minutes locating the information in a distant office. Even in the absence of a school wide catastrophic event, such a device is invaluable when athletes collapse on the practice field or children are left on a school bus at the end of the day.

Mobile Guardian Safety Suite is now used to protect a quarter-million schoolchildren, and Ms. Stelfox is determined to see this technology, or similar technology in every school in the United States. In her continued quest to make this technology readily available and affordable, the cost of this technology is less than $5 per child per year.

Any school district interested in immediately receiving the technology should go to and click on Enough is Enough for additional details.


Adobe Makes it Easy for Schools to Deploy Creative Suite 3

SAN JOSE, Calif.–April 24, 2007–Adobe Systems Incorporated (Nasdaq:ADBE) today announced new site licensing options, curriculum and certification programs for primary and secondary schools deploying Adobe® Creative Suite® 3. The new resources will make it easier for schools to deploy Adobe´s new offering of tightly integrated, industry-leading design and development tools into the curriculum, as well as into career and technical education programs.

The new Creative Suite 3 K-12 School Site Licenses help primary and secondary schools to cost-effectively deploy Creative Suite on school-owned or school-leased computers across the campus. Once deployed, educators can implement one or more of the year-long project-based curricula which help to develop key digital communication and foundational career skills for students. The curricula, which ships on a DVD with the site licenses, include Visual Design: Foundations of Design and Print Production; Digital Design: Foundations of Web Design; and Digital Video: Foundations of Video Design and Production. Projects in each curriculum engage students in all aspects of design and development from planning to evaluation.

"Adobe is committed to offering educators the resources to help students succeed in today´s highly competitive workplace,"said Megan Stewart, director of K-12 Education at Adobe. "The combination of Adobe Creative Suite 3 with our new education resources will help teachers take classroom instruction beyond traditional learning techniques and engage students to express their ideas and prepare for future career paths.?

Additionally, through a partnership with Certiport, an industry leader in developing certification programs, Adobe will offer entry-level certification to educators and students. The new Adobe Certified Associate program validates communication and technology skills and tests for competencies in the use of Adobe technology.

Adobe Creative Suite 3

Announced last month, Adobe´s new Creative Suite 3 provides designers and developers with a broad spectrum of creative options for all facets of print, web, mobile, interactive, film, and video production. There are six all-new configurations, including Adobe Creative Suite 3 Design Premium and Design Standard editions; Adobe Creative Suite 3 Web Premium and Web Standard editions; and Adobe Creative Suite 3 Production Premium. Rounding out the product line is Adobe Creative Suite Master Collection which combines 13 of Adobe´s new design and development applications in a single box?the most comprehensive creative environment ever delivered.

Pricing and Availability

Creative Suite 3 K-12 School Licenses pricing starts at US$3,999 for Creative Suite 3 Web Standard and US$4,999 for Creative Suite 3 Design Standard. Creative Suite 3 Web Premium, Creative Suite 3 Web Design Premium and Creative Suite 3 Production Premium Site Licenses are all available for US$7,499. The CS3 Master Collection, including all of Adobe´s latest design and development tools is available for US$11,499. Creative Suite 3 K-12 School Licenses will be available to qualifying public and private schools only. The free year-long curriculum materials are expected to be available this summer, with the associate-level certification coming this fall.

Additional information on Adobe Creative Suite 3 K-12 School Licenses, certification and curriculum is available at

Adobe in Education

Supporting education initiatives worldwide, Adobe enables a new way of teaching and learning by providing digital creation, communication and collaboration tools for classroom and campus-wide use. By offering industry leading products at accessible prices, free online curriculum and training for educators, Adobe continues to provide support for the education market.

About Adobe Systems Incorporated

Adobe revolutionizes how the world engages with ideas and information–anytime, anywhere and through any medium. For more information, visit


Marzano & Associates Partners with Re-Inventing Schools Coalition to Present

DENVER, COLO. (Apr. 24, 2007)–Marzano & Associates, in partnership with Re-Inventing Schools Coalition (RISC), announces a new symposium exploring research-based educational practices. The Serious Systemic School Reform Summer Symposium, sponsored by Excelsior Software, will take place on July 23-25 in Denver, Colo.

The symposium will explore research-based educational practices offering proof that all students can succeed. Attendees will benefit from the experiences and expertise of educators with intimate knowledge of school reform. In addition, they will have the opportunity to increase their understanding of Dr. Robert Marzano´s work, including principles and practical advice from his newest book, Classroom Assessment and Grading That Work.

"Symposium attendees will leave with new ideas and initiative regarding school reform," said Marzano, leading assessment scholar and internationally known author, trainer, and speaker. "They will be able to use the principles and best practices they learn to develop a ´standards-referenced´ model within their current school structures. In addition, the symposium will serve as a place for learning and community building."

Participants will engage in interactive sessions–learning the key elements of standards-based and standards-referenced models, discovering research-based classroom instructional strategies, designing assessments that encourage learning, building academic vocabulary, exploring formative classroom assessments and grading practices that work, and institutionalizing effective classroom instruction.

"The RISC model brings together all stakeholders as a learning community to create and then continuously refine a system that improves the educational experience of each individual student," said Wendy Battino, Executive Director at RISC. "We know that during the symposium we can help districts bring systemic and sustainable change to their educational process."

This ambitious new symposium represents a collaboration between Marzano & Associates and RISC, an organization that has led schools in Alaska (like the Chugach School District, one of the first education organizations to receive the prestigious Malcolm Baldridge Excellence Award) to dramatically restructure their schools so that the entire system, not just the classroom teacher, differentiates to meet the diverse needs of each student. Their bold model exemplifies the principles that Marzano has shared in his body of work that supports effective standards-based schools.

Visit for more information about the upcoming symposium and to access registration.

About Marzano & Associates

Marzano & Associates specializes in long-term school reform efforts with K-12 public and private school districts and individual schools for the purpose of enhancing student academic achievement. Additionally, the company provides effective teaching services, program and product evaluation services, data analysis services, standards evaluation services, and training for educators and school leaders. Visit for more information.

About RISC

The Re-Inventing Schools Coalition provides technical assistance to organizations using proven interactive tools and processes that center on systemic and systematic improvement. The organization works in a multitude of urban and rural environments (classroom, school, district, and community) to accomplish predetermined goals driven by research and practice. RISC works to create lighthouse districts that meet the needs of all children by facilitating educational systems to: develop a shared vision based on the needs of all stakeholders; ensure shared leadership is deployed; implement a relevant standards-based design that incorporates "best practices;" build a continuous improvement process that leads to excellence; and to use web-based, relational databases to analyze processes and results. Visit for more information.


Test Professor announces Free Access to all Students, Teachers and Schools, for Online Math Tutorial and Assessment.

Dallas, Texas—April 24, 2007? is pleased to announce, free access to the program´s internet based mathematics assessment and tutorial program.

January 2007 marked a very important time for the Test Professor Online Math Assessment company. A decision was made to make the site available to all schools, families and children for free.

For over 10 years, Test has provided students, teachers and parents the necessary tools to prepare students to be successful on State Math Assessment Exams. Now we can do this at no charge.

Test currently provides Math testing for grade levels 3 through 8, and 10th grade. All tests are in English and Spanish.

Students in Mexico and throughout Latin America are provided math assessment and tutorial through our site,

Access Test Professor Online Math at:

Access Online Math at:

Test Professor President, Michael Hasty has switched from a subscription based business model to a free service, saying, "It is time to give back. Too many students lack necessary skills in mathematics to be successful at school and even more parents lack the skills to be able to help their children at home with mathematics. Test and can help build those skills.?


On Your Mark, Get Set–Follow Your Dreams! North Star Children´s Ramble Set for Sunday, April 29th

BOSTON, MA–April 24, 2007–Nationally acclaimed author/illustrator/educator Peter H. Reynolds has once again been appointed Grand Marshal of the 24th Annual James Joyce Ramble´s children´s race. Named in honor of Reynolds´ award-winning storybook The North Star, The North Star Children´s Ramble will take place on Sunday April 29th at the historic Dedham Endicott Estate, MA at 9 a.m. for children up to twelve. The 10K James Joyce Ramble, which integrates art, literature and athletics, draws nearly four thousand runners and fifty thousand spectators. Proceeds from the race go to the Dana-Farber Cancer Research Institute, which has received hundreds of thousands of dollars in funding from the racing event over the years.

Tom Clinton, Director of the Dedham Youth Commission shares, "Collaborating with Peter Reynolds and his teams at FableVision and The Blue Bunny has significantly expanded this youth offering into one of the area´s most unique and rewarding events for children–mixing the arts and fitness into one extraordinary holistic event."
The North Star Children´s Ramble is a free children´s race offering events of varying distances in four age groups–six and under, seven and eight, nine and ten, and eleven and twelve. More information about the children and adult races is available at To volunteer for The North Star Children´s Ramble, contact FableVision´s Dawn Haley Morton at 617.956-5701 or e-mail

Now in its ninth year as part of the James Joyce race, The North Star Children´s Ramble is a critical adjunct to the adult race. "Peter Reynolds´ work is all about stepping off the path and believing in your dreams–and Peter´s books The Dot and Ish are all about making your mark and being brave enough to express yourself", James Joyce Ramble Director Martin Hanley explains. Hanley adds, "The James Joyce Ramble is dedicated to that kind of freedom to express who you are as an individual at any cost–and that´s a message our kids really need to hear especially in the face of peer pressure and mainstream media messages."

The North Star Children´s Ramble offers prizes, raffles, and contests, including certificates for all those who run. Children´s publishers Simon & Schuster, Charlesbridge, Candlewick Press and Penguin Putnam have donated hundreds of books as part of the prize offerings for each child who runs in the race. Other sponsoring organizations include Allegra Printing & Imaging of Waltham, Rule Broadcast Systems, and Eastern Bank.
The North Star book, now in its sixth edition from FableVision Press, is an illustrated allegory about a young child´s journey on the path of life which, as Reynolds points out, "encourages life-long learners to navigate their true potential." The book has been adapted as an elementary school curriculum and an original musical, which has been performed around the globe. A free version of the book is available at

Peter H. Reynolds´ career has been accelerating in recent years with over two dozen books either already published or in production. Along with illustrating Judy Blume´s Fudge series and the NY Times #1 Childrens Bestseller Someday, Peter´s award- winning books The Dot and Ish (Candlewick Press) have already been published in multiple languages. Reynolds is currently writing and illustrating several books, including illustrating another Judy Moody title (Candlewick Press), continuing to illustrate the Judy Moody spin-off series Stink, and a 10th anniversary edition of The North Star (Candlewick Press). For more details on Peter Reynolds´ publishing career, browse his author site at

Reynolds shares his publishing and media ventures with his identical twin brother Paul. Peter and Paul Reynolds founded and run the award-winning children´s media company FableVision based in Boston, MA. FableVision´s mission is to use media, storytelling, and technology to reach, support, and inspire ALL learners. Peter makes Dedham his home where he helped found the award-winning Blue Bunny Book & Toy Shop with his brother Paul. The store recently expanded into a larger space at 577 High Street in historic Dedham Square. The Blue Bunny´s mission is to honor, inspire, and nurture active creative expression in children and adults.
FableVision has created a page dedicated to the North Star Children´s Ramble, which lists details on the event (rain or shine) at


Irvine Unified School District Continues Success with PLATO Learning for Benchmark Assessment

MINNEAPOLIS–April 24, 2007–PLATO Learning, Inc. (NASDAQ: TUTR), a leading provider of K?adult computer-based and e-learning solutions, today announced an agreement with Irvine (Calif.) Unified School District to continue its long-time subscription to PLATO® eduTest Assessment and PLATO® Data Management and Analytics software. Under the agreement, PLATO Learning will continue to provide educational assessment tools to the district that will be used for benchmark tests throughout the school year, each of which will be aligned to California content standards.

"Our goal for initially using the PLATO eduTest solution was simply to determine whether students had learned the content they needed to succeed at higher grade levels,"said Mark Sontag, curriculum coordinator of math and science for Irvine USD. "Since implementing PLATO eduTest, it has become a fundamental part of guiding our instructional methods. The data we collect through the system impacts textbook choices, exam interventions, and many other curriculum decisions.?

During its initial PLATO eduTest implementation, the district used formative assessments to pinpoint areas in which additional instruction was needed for individual students, enabling teachers to give more specific content-related instruction. Teachers will continue to use the assessments as a means to show student strengths and identify areas where students need additional practice and support.

"The beauty of PLATO eduTest is flexibility,"said Sontag. "Flexibility to use the product in a classroom or a computer lab, as well as giving teachers a choice to conduct testing online or on paper using a Scantron option. The PLATO eduTest platform is very adaptable to our changing assessment needs."

"PLATO Learning is pleased to continue its relationship with Irvine Unified School District. The district has set high standards of excellence for students, staff, and the instructional programs the district provides,"said Mike Morache, PLATO Learning president and CEO. "We commend the district´s commitment to advancing the academic achievement of all learners and are happy to support their vision of integrating technology as a means of engaging students and preparing them for success in a technology-driven society."

"The best part about our relationship with PLATO Learning is their willingness to communicate with us about new product enhancements and help us brainstorm unique implementation ideas,"said Sontag. "Having a committed, solutions-oriented partner like PLATO Learning is precisely what our district seeks from an educational technology vendor, and we look forward to many more productive years as a PLATO Learning customer.?

About PLATO Learning

PLATO Learning is a leading provider of computer-based and e-learning instruction for kindergarten through adult learners, offering curricula in reading, writing, mathematics, science, social studies, and life and job skills. The Company also offers innovative online assessment and accountability solutions and standards-based professional development services. With over 6,000 hours of objective-based, problem-solving courseware, plus assessment, alignment, and curriculum management tools, we create standards-based curricula that facilitate learning and school improvement.

PLATO Learning is a publicly held company traded as TUTR on the NASDAQ. PLATO Learning educational software, delivered via networks, CD-ROM, the Internet, and private intranets, is primarily marketed to K?12 schools and colleges. The Company also sells to job training programs, correctional institutions, military education programs, corporations, and individuals.

PLATO Learning is headquartered at 10801 Nesbitt Avenue South, Bloomington, Minnesota 55437, 952.832.1000 or 800.869.2000. The Company has offices throughout the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico, as well as international distributors in the United Kingdom and South Africa. For more information, please visit

PLATO® is a registered trademark of PLATO Learning, Inc. Straight Curve and PLATO Learning are trademarks of PLATO Learning, Inc. All other company and product names may be trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies.


New Lexmark Education Station Helps Teachers Ensure No Child is Left Behind

LEXINGTON, Ky., April 24, 2007–Lexmark International, Inc. (NYSE: LXK) today introduced the Lexmark Education Station, a laser multifunction product (MFP) designed to help schools improve document management processes and meet the requirements of the No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB).

The Lexmark Education Station allows customers to access Lexmark education solutions on its intuitive, large color e-Task touchscreen interface and is based on the award-winning Lexmark X646dte monochrome laser MFP platform. The Lexmark Education Station also includes print, copy, scan and fax capabilities to help schools save money by consolidating devices and reducing supplies and maintenance costs.

"The Lexmark Education Station builds on our heritage of providing unique solutions that help teachers spend less time on paperwork and more time with students and makes it even easier and more affordable for schools to implement these solutions in their classrooms," said Paul Rooke, Lexmark executive vice president and president of its Printing Solutions and Services Division.

The Education Station comes standard with Scan to Classroom and Forms on Demand capabilities, which give teachers the ability to manage their own documents and help reduce the time they spend on paperwork. The Scan to Classroom application allows teachers to send evidence of work documents, which is student work that teachers may need for a parent conference, from the Lexmark Education Station directly to a personalized, pre-installed destination on the network. Office personnel can also use the same icon to scan and e-mail tardy slips, doctors´ notes, and discipline forms directly to teachers. The Forms on Demand application gives teachers and administrators the ability to access and print files stored on the network directly from the Lexmark Education Station.

Schools can maximize the benefits of the Lexmark Education Station by purchasing optional testing and grading software that allows teachers to quickly gather student exam results and analyze the progress of each individual student. With this solution, teachers can print on demand 15-, 30- or 60-question tests using bubble sheet templates from the Lexmark Education Station and then receive test results in minutes by scanning completed bubble sheets back into the Lexmark Education Station. The Lexmark Education Station will then print an image of each student´s test, along with the answer key showing which answers were incorrect, the student´s grade, and room for teacher comments. This single-sheet summary helps give students, and their parents, detailed feedback on their progress. It also allows teachers to see, almost immediately, which students are falling behind and identify possible weak points in the curriculum content so that they can make necessary adjustments to meet the requirements of NCLB.

To consolidate processes and make record-keeping even more efficient, schools can upgrade the Lexmark Education Station even further with an additional solution that integrates the device directly with many Student Information Systems (SIS) and grade book software programs. This solution enables real-time information pertaining to students to be captured electronically and sent directly to their records, helping schools save time and resources and also maintain more accurate records.

The Lexmark Education Station is available immediately for an estimated street price of $3,699* from Lexmark authorized resellers. Optional software enables education solutions** such as the testing and grading module and SIS integration. This software can be enabled through Lexmark Global Services and is expected to be available through select resellers in the coming months. Pricing for these solutions varies based on quantities and customer location.

About Lexmark

Lexmark International, Inc. (NYSE: LXK) provides businesses and consumers in more than 150 countries with a broad range of printing and imaging products, solutions and services that help them to be more productive. In 2006, Lexmark reported $5.1 billion in revenue. Learn how Lexmark can help you get more done at