Straight Curve Mathematics Series Aligns Lessons to Key Curriculum Standards for Difficult-to-Master Concepts

MINNEAPOLIS–May 1, 2007–PLATO Learning, Inc. (NASDAQ: TUTR), a leading provider of K?adult computer-based and e-learning solutions, announced today its Straight Curve? Mathematics series of K?6 teacher-facilitated supplemental lessons is closely aligned with new National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) Curriculum Focal Points for difficult-to-master math concepts.

Straight Curve Mathematics–a K?6 supplemental classroom tool–is aligned to NCTM´s Curriculum Focal Points and the nation´s top textbooks. The program is designed to be used by teachers in classrooms to supplement instruction on the most difficult concepts identified by the NCTM. Using rich graphics, animation, audio, and games, Straight Curve Mathematics motivates students to learn while helping them master challenging concepts in ways that textbooks and other static resources cannot, and students are more engaged and grasp the difficult concepts more quickly and rigorously.

Straight Curve Mathematics is easy to use in the classroom. Teachers can easily control the pace and sequence of the content, making it practical throughout the school day for teachers to leverage their classroom observations and professional judgment with the power of technology to achieve student mastery of difficult math concepts.

"Straight Curve Mathematics changes the status quo by helping teachers prevent students from falling behind in their elementary years reducing the need for remediation and recovery in the middle and high school years," said Mike Morache, PLATO Learning president and CEO. "It provides built-in mapping to the most popular mathematics textbooks and state standards making it easy for a teacher to quickly switch on the fly to an appropriate Straight Curve supplemental resource. Aligning Straight Curve content to the new NCTM Curriculum Focal Points and most popular textbooks will help classroom teachers enrich and optimize instructional time while deepening and supplementing textbook coverage of core concepts."

As math scores for elementary school-aged children continue to decline, the NCTM has outlined several crucial skills that must be learned to improve future academic success in mathematics. The NCTM Curriculum Focal Points are closely aligned to specific foundational topics, a pedagogical strategy that has been successfully used to teach math in Asian countries. Recently, the National Mathematics Advisory Panel, appointed by the U.S. Department of Education, stated that "the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics is judged to be on sound footing with its recent publication of the Curriculum Focal Points."

"Using Straight Curve Mathematics as an introduction, students can watch me manipulate concepts on the screen on the way to manipulating the concepts themselves," said Megan Lindoo, 3rd grade teacher at Academia Cesar Chavez, St. Paul, Minn. "I definitely have more students on task than I did during my normal introduction of a math concept."

Since its launch last year, Straight Curve Mathematics has been piloted in schools across the country in a variety of settings, including on-grade-level whole classroom instruction, gifted and talented programs, and summer school programs. Now, the NCTM Focal Points confirm that Straight Curve Mathematics is teaching the correct scope and sequence necessary for elementary school students to learn crucial skills necessary for future success in mathematics.

About PLATO Learning

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