Interwrite Learning Simplifies Student Assessment with Cricket

COLUMBIA, Md.–May 9, 2007–Interwrite Learning today introduces Interwrite Cricket, a small, radio-frequency (RF) student response handset that simplifies the task of assessing student performance in the classroom. Interwrite Cricket joins the already popular and award-winning family of student assessment products developed by Interwrite Learning, a leader in interactive classroom technology solutions.

"Interwrite Cricket was specifically designed to make real time student assessment technology easy to use in the classroom," said Steve Kaye, co-president and chief operating officer of Interwrite Learning. "Everything about Cricket is geared towards simplicity–from initial set up, to preparing and presenting questions, in addition to analyzing results."

Handset Features

Interwrite Cricket features an 8 button design, 1-6/A-E for Multiple Choice questions and separate True/False buttons. Furthermore, Cricket provides positive feedback to students using 4 LEDs that provide connection status, "answer received", "answer not received" and low battery indicator. Cricket is ideal for instructors who want to bring the benefits of a student response system to their classrooms almost immediately, as its simple, intuitive system requires less training and installation time. It combines robust RF technology with a friendly look and feel to make real time student assessment practical for any classroom setting, from the smallest of classrooms to the largest lecture halls. Best of all, Cricket is fully interoperable with other members of the Interwrite assessment family, including the popular Interwrite PRS and Interwrite Virtual PRS clickers. All Interwrite clickers can be used in the same classroom and are controlled by the same assessment (host) software, so there is no retraining required for current customers.

PowerPoint and Beyond

Cricket works with virtually any teaching resource in any format, whether teachers are using Interwrite Workspace lessons, their own question banks and even PowerPoint. Cricket provides a PowerPoint plug-in that makes PowerPoint an ideal companion for Cricket. For teachers with existing question materials, it only takes a few seconds to make them response-enabled. Cricket also includes a mode whereby ANY material shown on the screen can immediately be used as a Cricket-compatible response question.

Pricing & Availability

Cricket handsets will be available in July in single quantity for $36 (US) or as pre-configured Class Packs with 24 and 32 clickers for $1,129 and $1,429, respectively. Assessment (host) software, USB receiver and a carrying case are all included with Class Packs. For Higher Education customers who adopt Interwrite Cricket on campus, the software, USB receiver and case are included FREE of charge. International pricing is available from Authorized Interwrite Learning distributors. Cricket software runs on Windows 2000/XP/Vista, Mac and Linux and is available in 18 languages.

About Interwrite Learning

Interwrite Learning is a premier global provider of interactive learning solutions for primary, secondary and higher education markets. Interactive solutions, including the Interwrite Board, Pad and Panel all come with Interwrite Workspace, a next generation educational software application for creating, teaching and assessing student performance using digital content. Interwrite assessment solutions include Interwrite Cricket and PRS clickers, members of a powerful student response system that combines interaction and assessment to enhance classroom productivity and improve student results. Interwrite Learning has a rich 32-year history of delivering interactive solutions that are changing how the world learns. To learn more about Interwrite Learning´s Interactive Classroom solutions, please visit

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