Carrollton City Schools Implements New Evaluation Program Using LearningSoft´s ?Indigo Learning System´

Pembroke Pines, Fla.–May 11, 2007–Carrollton City School district in Carrolton, Ga. has implemented LearningSoft´s Indigo Learning System, a wireless student computing system, as an evaluation program for students in elementary, middle and junior high school. The district´s purchase, concluded in January 2007, consists of 10 classroom systems that enable teachers to provide students with immediate and customized feedback during class.

Ten teacher leaders who instruct students in grades three through eight are using the Indigo network of handheld devices that serve as interactive instructional content players, e-book readers and text editors as well as an assessment system. "When looking at one-to-one computing options, we wanted a device that would not get in the way of learning but would instead complement what our teachers are doing. Indigo allows us to get one to one teaching with an affordable system that allows teachers to easily question all students about their learning prior to, during, and after each lesson," said Chief Academic Officer Jackie Fillingim. "This understanding will help drive instruction to meet the needs of all students."

The systems´ software allows the educators to create assessments from a test bank of 10,000 standards-aligned questions, import third-party content or create their own content such as digital polls, fill-in-the-blank or essay questions.

In addition to the handhelds, the Indigo system consists of wall chargers, a wireless network access point, Indigo Classroom Manager and assessment software, assessment questions aligned to state standards and printed user guides. Results are sent to the teachers´ computers so they can review progress or reports of individuals or the entire class. Teachers can also monitor student computer screens and send instant messages to their class*.

According to David Cole, CEO of LearningSoft, "We think of all of our customers as partners, and that is certainly true of Carrollton. We´ve worked with them to develop functionality that allows teachers to align content that they create or import to the state standards. Student results for custom assignments can then be measured using our standards-based reports."

About LearningSoft

LearningSoft, a member of the Jacoby Group of Companies, produces affordable wireless computing platforms for education. Its flagship product, the Indigo Learning System, is a network of handheld computers developed specifically for assessment and instruction. Indigo provides instant feedback for educators to guide classroom decisions and ensures that students achieve success on "high-stakes" standardized exams.

LearningSoft and the Jacoby Group have undertaken a large-scale pilot program to bring one-to-one computing to thousands of students in HI and GA.

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