Warsaw Community Schools (11 schools, 6,800 Students) Select CCC! Video on Demand

CHICAGO, IL–New Dimension Media (NDM), a Questar company, announced that Warsaw Community Schools in Indiana has selected CCC! Video on demand for its 11 schools, serving more than 6,800 students in grades K-12. CCC! is an innovative plug and play intranet server that comes pre-loaded with more than 2,500 educational video programs correlated to all states´ standards and more than 350 premium curriculum-oriented titles.

CCC!, developed by NDM, features video, audio, animation and text resources that allow classroom instructors to provide high-quality media support to enhance existing grade-appropriate curriculums. CCC!´s core curriculum content was created specifically for the classroom by such leading educational media producers as National Geographic, Encyclopedia Britannica, the Phoenix Learning Group, the Agency for Instructional Television (AIT), among others.

Cutting edge technology and intuitive design gives CCC! unprecedented flexibility and ease of use. CCC! is the only video on demand system to integrate with iTunes, allowing students and teachers to watch CCC!´s award winning content anywhere on their iPods. CCC! is also able to host and broadcast live webcasts of classroom sessions, school sporting events, cultural performances, and professional development, etc. that can be watched as they happen or stored for playback.

Every CCC! program is correlated to state, national and Canadian provincial standards by Plato Learning Systems, and includes teacher´s guides, student activities and knowledge checks. CCC!´s Digital Director feature offers users the flexibility to bookmark and construct a playlist from more than 30,000 searchable program segments. CCC! also allows users to add school produced content to the system.


New Dimension Media (NDM) is recognized as one of the few remaining producers of original K-12 core curriculum video content to schools and public libraries. With 44 series and 417 programs produced in the last five years, no one produces more new core curriculum content than NDM. Founded in 1979 and based in Chicago, NDM boasts a distinguished library of Social Studies, Science, Language Arts, Mathematics and Health & Guidance titles. Every NDM title is correlated to all state, national and Canadian provincial standards. They are also available on VHS and DVD, and for educational broadcast.

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