New Cable in the Classroom podcasts aim to inspire learning

Cable in the Classroom, a nonprofit educational outreach program from the cable television industry, has launched a new podcast series called "Kids. Cable. Learning." New podcasts are posted regularly, giving school stakeholders insights into innovative leaders, trendsetters, and others from the intersection of the education, technology, and cable TV communities. Recent podcasts include an interview with actor LeVar Burton, an overview of the National School Board Association’s Technology Leadership Network school site visit series, and highlights of the cable industry’s educational resources devoted to the 2008 election season. Older podcasts include an interview with Alton Brown, host of the Food Network’s Good Eats, on why science is a major part of his program–and how teachers can apply his techniques to teach real-world science in their classrooms; and an interview with Linda Ellerbee, who has written and produced Nickelodeon’s Nick News for 15 years, on the importance of talking with kids about current events, encouraging opinions, and inspiring action.

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