English180 Redefines How English is Taught with Free Interactive Method

Los Angeles, CA (May 17, 2007)–English180 responds to the need of more than 2 billion people worldwide seeking to learn English as a second language in a more engaging, interactive and enjoyable way. By leveraging the power of new technologies and combining a proven methodology developed as the result of extensive field research and thousands of hours of live coaching experience, English180 allows students to ?live the language? through real-life, practical scenarios. The lessons are delivered over the Internet free of charge, giving students the ability to take the lessons at the most convenient place and time.

?The ability to successfully communicate in English can have a profound impact on a person?s life,? said Andrés Moreno, English180?s Chief Executive Officer. ?With English180, we set out to create more than just a new teaching method–we started a global English movement focused on empowering individuals with this invaluable asset. To achieve this, we needed to completely redefine the way English was taught until now. This vision is embodied in English180?s slogan: ?Turn your life around.??

?English180 is a unique learning platform that effectively responds to the needs of a significant segment of the population and that leverages to the fullest the latest technological developments,? said Wilmer Sarmiento, English180?s Chief Technology Officer. ?We aimed to develop a revolutionary learning model that provides richer interactions with the users, thus increasing their chances of success.?

There are 35 million non-native U.S. residents that report some difficulty speaking English or said they are improving their language skills, with the Hispanic community being the largest part of that group. Many of these individuals lack the necessary English skills to access new opportunities and fulfill their American dream. As a result, many turn to high-cost, time-consuming English learning methods that fail to live up to their expectations.

English180 revolutionizes the way English as a second language is taught, by allowing students to the ?live the language? through real-life, practical scenarios delivered free of cost over the Internet. English180?s proprietary learning system was developed while coaching global employees of Fortune 500 companies, such as Procter & Gamble, Microsoft, Sun Microsystems and Pfizer. English180?s strategic alliances includes The Cisneros Group?s TV network Clase, for which it will develop TV content, allowing it toreach users through an entirely new channel.

For more information on English180, please visit http://www.english180.com.

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