California district harnesses IT incidents with ITDirect

It’s true–you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink. But in Delma Juarez’s case, it was an uncooperative “pony.”

In the early 1990s, Franklin McKinley School District in San Jose, Calif., was tracking IT incident requests using paper forms and a plastic inbox, affectionately known as the “pony.” This was the final resting place for many IT requests, which often were never routed to the IT staff. “The request might sit in the pony for several days, and most times the pony would eat it,” said Juarez, director of information technology for the district.

Even when the IT staff received their incident requests, they couldn’t efficiently track or report on incidents using only the “pony” system and a combination of Excel spreadsheets and eMail. So the department later tried a “help-desk solution,” but it was dropped after only four months because district users found it too complicated.

Then Juarez found’s ITDirect help-desk management solution, which proved to be a “knight on [a] white horse” for the 9,900-student district. “We were so pleased that it was designed with IT in mind–it had everything we needed,” Juarez said. With ITDirect, the district was able to win battles that many school IT departments face:

• Ensuring receipt of IT requests: All IT requests are now submitted online, tracked, routed, and assigned for completion through ITDirect.

• Eliminating licensing limits: ITDirect features unlimited user licenses, enabling all of the district’s more than 850 employees to submit IT requests at no additional cost.

• Improving responsiveness: With ITDirect, the IT staff can view incidents from any computer, enabling technicians to respond more quickly to requesters and greatly improving customer service.

• Reducing system maintenance: ITDirect requires no software installation, upgrades, or backup for both requesters and the IT staff.

• Developing reporting capability: The IT department can easily generate reports to track and show completion of IT incidents, including costs and staff productivity.

• Increasing productivity: ITDirect has helped the IT department improve efficiency by streamlining incident management processes. Now, four IT technicians are effectively maintaining 2,000 computers and more than 2,000 pieces of peripheral equipment.

But Juarez was impressed by more than SchoolDude’s ITDirect solution. After working with the SchoolDude team, she said, “SchoolDude has built a culture of friendly, knowledgeable, down to-earth, commonsense people. I have met with other software companies, and they’ve had an arrogance. I prefer the sincere and honest manner of SchoolDude.”

Now that’s a horse of a different color.


Franklin McKinley School District


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