SoundTech Announces LightSnake iChat

Chicago, IL. – May 22, 2007 – SoundTech Professional Audio, a division of US Music Corporation, today announced the LightSnake iChat, a USB headset with microphone that offers computer users one solution for many multimedia audio and voice applications. The LightSnake iChat features SoundTech´s patented "Live when Lit" technology that glows when connected and flashes when sound is being transmitted.

The LightSnake iChat is ideal for anyone who participates in multiplayer gaming or voice chats over the Internet. The iChat features clear, crisp audio and in-line volume controls perfect for listening to music or for VoIP calls with services such as Skype. In the office the iChat can be used for voice input on videoconferences or to take advantage of the latest speech recognition technology by talking into the LightSnake iChat´s built-in microphone instead of typing.

"We developed the SoundTech LightSnake line of musical instrument cables to give our customers a high-quality yet easy-to-use product for home recording," said Larry English, President of US Music Consumer Division. "The iChat incorporates the same great features available in the LightSnake cable line in a product that can be used in everyday applications including online voice chats, listening to MP3s and online gaming."
The LightSnake iChat is fully plug-and-play compatible with a Mac or PC*- no driver installs are necessary. In addition, the iChat features a stereo output allowing a favorite pair of headphones or powered speakers to be used in place of the included iChat ear buds.

SoundTech LightSnake USB Headset features:
– Digital quality sound input and output without the need for a sound card
– Embedded 16 Bit ADC input with audio signal boost
– HSDL (Host Side Data Loss) noise reduction function
– 48/44.1 KHz sampling rate for recording
– USB bus powered with simple plug-and-play connectivity
– Compliant with USB 2.0 full speed operation
– Compatible with Win 98 / 98 SE / Win ME / Win 2000 / Win XP/ Win Vista / Linux and Mac OS9 / OS X
*Plug-n-play compatibility with Windows Me / Windows 2000 / Windows XP / Windows Vista and Mac OS 9 and higher

Pricing and Availability

The iChat, with patented LightSnake technology, is available nationwide at Micro Center as well as on the web at or with a suggested retail price of $29.99. For more information on retail availability, please visit

About SoundTech Professional Audio

SoundTech is dedicated to providing the music industry´s most affordable and professional Pro-Audio quality line of product solutions supporting both performance and home recording environments. It has built a world-class team of sales, service and support professionals around what are arguably the best "Quality vs. Price" product lines available anywhere in the world. For more information visit SoundTech on the web at

About US Music Corporation

US Music Corporation located just north of Chicago. US Music Corporation is a uniquely positioned, fully integrated musical instrument company that manufactures and markets instruments, accessories and audio equipment for professionals, aspiring professionals, collectors, hobbyists and beginner musicians. US Music Corp also owns Washburn Guitars, Parker Guitars, Randall Amplifiers, Eden Amplifiers, Oscar Schmidt, Lyon Musical Instruments, Little Lyon, Mojo Strings and Vinci musical instrument strings and accessories. For more information visit US Music Corporation on the web at


Glendale Community College Selects Regent Financial Aid Module

Frederick, MD, May 21, 2007 – Regent Education, the leading provider of financial aid management software solutions for higher education institutions, today announced that Glendale Community College has selected Regent Enterprise as their financial aid management solution for deployment across their campuses. Glendale selected Regent as the financial aid module to be integrated with their ERP application.

"We chose to upgrade to Regent Enterprise because of Regent?s outstanding customer service coupled with its extensive experience within the California community college system, making Regent an ideal match for Glendale," said Patricia Hurley, Glendale?s Associate Dean and Director of Financial Aid. "Regent Enterprise will further streamline our processes and help us tremendously with ever-changing compliance issues as we manage over $18 million per year in financial aid scholarships and grants."

Located in Glendale, CA, Glendale Community College has a college-credit enrollment of about 15,000 day and evening students, and approximately 10,000 others are reached through the adult education program, specialized job training programs such as JTPA and GAIN, and contract instruction administered by the Professional Development Center. Glendale is joining other California institutions that have selected Regent, such as Allan Hancock College, Feather River College, Mendocino Community College, Monterey Peninsula College, Pasadena City College, Rio Hondo College, and Santa Rosa Junior College.

"The key for me when choosing a software solution is affordability and return on investment," said Dave Roswell, Glendale?s Dean of Information & Technology. "Regent is able to provide us with a solution that can be implemented and launched quickly and won?t be a big drag on our IT staff. Other solutions require a lot of time dealing with consultants and that results in high implementation costs."

With nearly 30 years of Higher Education knowledge and experience, Regent offers the market?s first, best-of-breed financial aid software solution that is 100% Web-based, developed on open standards architecture and designed to interoperate seamlessly with any ERP system. Regent?s strategic solutions are enabling higher education institutions across America to achieve enrollment, compliance and student access goals.

"Financial aid is an extremely complex regulated business process. Regent Enterprise automates this process in an easy to implement, easy-to-use package," said Mike Ratti, Regent?s CEO. "We are very excited to welcome Glendale into the Regent family."

About Regent® –

Regent is a leading provider of financial aid management software solutions for higher education institutions. Its highly functional, affordable, off-the-shelf solutions are designed to interoperate with and enhance existing ERP systems, while enabling institutions to realize a positive, quantifiable ROI in the same fiscal period they are deployed. Regent automates key processes such as packaging, awarding, tracking and disbursements. Built with financial aid offices in mind, Regent enables users to gain access to actionable information, anytime and anywhere. Regent Education is located at: 4650 Wedgewood Blvd., Suite 104, Frederick, MD, 21703. Telephone: (800) 639-0927. Web site: For more information, email


University of Washington?s Classroom Support Services Standardizes with Barix IP Audio Encoding for Coursecasting Initiative

SEATTLE, May 21, 2007–Barix AG, a pioneer in IP-based audio, intercom and control/monitoring, today announced that University of Washington has deployed 24 Barix Instreamer IP audio encoding devices for its Coursecasting initiative. The university has equipped 24 classrooms in 13 campus buildings for audio-coursecasting, with plans to expand the project to all new lecture halls, standardizing on Barix products now and well into the future.

"There is simply no other product on the market that is as bulletproof as the Barix Instreamer," said David Aldrich, Assistant Director, Classroom Support Services, and Director of the Coursecasting Pilot Program at University of Washington. "We designed our automated Coursecasting model around the Instreamer after realizing we could stream directly to a capture server using this device. We liked the fact that the Instreamer had no moving parts and was less likely to fail compared to using computers for audio capture and streaming to a central server. Reliability is a big factor when designing a solution to be scalable. It didn?t hurt that the price point was conisderably lower than a computer and the associated installation costs."

One Instreamer is installed in each of the 24 classrooms and connected to a PA system, and captures, encodes and streams the audio to Classroom Support Services? central capture server. The server records the streams based upon a schedule and then processes the audio and uploads it to a Classroom Portal recordings page. The portal runs an RSS-capable blogging software which students can use to access the recordings after they are successfully uploaded. (An example can be viewed at in the Special Events section of the Classroom Portal.)

The University of Washington is the most recent higher education institution to announce its use of Barix products for automated classroom recording and Podcasting, following Purdue University, Mississippi State University and the University of Minnesota. Aldrich first became aware of Barix after reading about another university using a Barix Instreamer and Exstreamer (an IP audio decoder) combination to expand its hardwired recording system to additional buildings on campus. Aldrich, who is an evangelist for educational coursecasting, new media, and emerging technologies, believes the University of Washington was visionary in using Barix equipment to take educational technology to new places. This is just the latest New Media initiative explored by the university, which also launched a popular on-demand video pilot around the same time as the Coursecasting pilot.

"The reality is we started Coursecasting as a practical response to a problem," he said. "The library was devoting equipment and valuable real estate for students to listen to class lectures recorded on cassettes and then transferred to an enormous audio distribution system. Not only did that system have a big footprint, but it was also inconvenient for students because of access issues. The library is not always open and if you miss classes due to illness, you have a lot of catch up work to do. The Coursecasting initiative using the Barix Instreamer addresses these issues and gives students anywhere/anytime access to lecture recordings. If podcast downloads are any indication of students? desires to consume educational material outside the traditional classroom, then I believe there is a great demand. We logged 110,000 lecture downloads between October 2005 and March 2007."

The Instreamers are normally installed in the PA system rack, located in the projection booth at the back of each classroom. The Instreamer?s line input is connected to the audio output of the PA system, using a single cable and sometimes a small distribution amplifier. The Instreamers then connect directly to the campus network, pointed to the server. The university streams at the lowest encoding quality to keep the recorded files small and manageable and to reduce network congestion. Aldrich added that the produced files are small enough for students and allow them to clearly hear and interpret the recorded content.

Classroom Support Services does not monitor the recording process but has developed a Web tool to alert them of a power loss or network connectivity issue, and are pleased with the audio quality of the Instreamer recordings. "We have never had a recording fail because of an Instreamer failure," said Aldrich. "Our podcast recordings are lectures and you have to think of them as live performances. Whatever the PA system hears is what the end user will hear, and the results are generally very good. The only massaging done is trimming the beginning and end of the recording to address playback issues on some MP3 players, and some additional re-encoding to reduce the file size."

About Barix AG (

Barix AG, headquartered in Zurich Switzerland, specializes in research and development of state of the art IP based communication and control technology. Barix products are stand-alone and able to remotely connect worldwide over standard networks / Internet offering new and improved solutions to the professional audio distribution, communication and automation industry. Barix products provide solutions in audio over IP (audio distribution and monitoring, communication, security) and automation (remote controlling, monitoring and maintenance).


District posts confidential data online

In one of the worst security breaches ever in a public K-12 school system, confidential data for thousands of Indianapolis Public Schools (IPS) students–including, in some cases, medical information and Social Security numbers–were accidentally posted online.

The Indianapolis Star, which discovered the error and reported it May 16 to the district, said it appeared the problem had been going on for at least two years.

Officials were working to correct the problem, but they said some of the information still could be accessed through the popular search engine Google. The school district was contacting Google and other search engine providers asking that information with Social Security numbers be erased, it said in a news release.

The Star reported that at least 7,500 students were affected. The nature of the information posted to the internet varied.

Among the files that were accessible were special-education diagnoses, students’ names and addresses, and essays in which some students revealed personal details such as experiences with abuse.

Details about the IPS computer system, employee job reviews, and other personnel files also were posted.

Beth Givens, an identity-theft expert with the Privacy Rights Clearinghouse, said the most dangerous data consisted of Social Security numbers for about 20 students and five staff members.

"That’s horrendous–the entire family has been victimized," she said.

Internet security expert Roger Thompson, who reviewed the IPS web site at the Star’s request, said the error appeared to have resulted from improper settings on the district’s server or from a software flaw.

"It looks like it’s a really poorly configured system, and a lot of people are going to be really embarrassed and a lot of people are going to be really upset," said Thompson, the chief technology officer at "It looks like somebody has made a mistake."

IPS said the information apparently was posted by individual users uploading content to certain areas of IPS Online. The district’s information technology division took steps about six weeks ago to block Google from being able to search its web site, IPS said in a news release. A disclaimer warning users not to post confidential information to IPS Online also appears.

District officials said grades, discipline, and other confidential student information now is stored in a password-protected database.

However, IPS Online is not private and can be accessed by persons outside the district, the release warns.

IPS officials reportedly began working to fix the problem within an hour of being told about it by the Star, and they notified staff and media the same day. Parents were notified that evening by telephone message, the Star reports.

Since then, some teachers and parents have expressed frustration at what they say is the lack of clear information from the district. A searchable list available on lets users check whether a student’s records might have been exposed–information that parents reportedly have struggled to get from the district itself.

School board members said they want a full report once the district is done with its internal review.

"We’re going to look at the problem, and I’ll ask a whole lot of questions until they get tired of me," board member Olgen Williams told the Star. "They’re going to have to reassure me and the board to the best of their ability" that such a problem can’t happen again.


Indianapolis Public Schools Report and Student Search Tool


National Center for Technology Innovation Announces Awards for Breakthrough Innovations Designed to Support Students With Special Needs

Washington, D.C., May 15, 2007 — The National Center for Technology Innovation announced its 2007 Technology in the Works Award winners today. The 2007 awards went to the Access Technologies Group and CyberLearning Technology, LLC, for their innovative approaches to supporting students with special needs.

?NCTI is proud to sponsor this collaborative research that will provide evidence on the use of innovative technology for students with special needs. These awards will serve to enhance the development of technology tools and provide valuable information for consumers,? said Tracy Gray, Ph.D., Director of NCTI, located at the American Institutes for Research and Managing Research Scientist at AIR.

One award recipient has developed video game technology capable of enhancing concentration in adolescents with learning disabilities and attention problems.

The SmartBrain SystemTM developed by CyberLearning Technology and NASA uses Sony PlayStation® and Microsoft Xbox® video games to enable to reward focused thought, for example by making the game?s race car move faster. When the player?s brain is not producing activity consistent with improved processing, the race car slows down. The technology acquires a real-time brain activity signal and transmits the signal to a receiver wired into a gaming console, providing an engaging, immersive and fun neurofeedback training experience that is especially useful to adolescents who have attention deficit disorder. The system helps users train their mind to be focused.

?We?re very pleased to receive the recognition and support of an NCTI Award. It is exciting to have this opportunity that provides hope to those struggling with significant attention challenges, cognitive processing issues and the ability to concentrate,? said Domenic Greco, President, CyberLearning Technology.

Another award went to the Access Technologies Group for its work developing the Social Simentor, which offers online, interactive instruction to individuals with disabilities who need training in social and interpersonal skills. The Social Simentor uses role-play practice and reinforcement to teach the social skills required to make a positive impression during a job interview and in the workplace. After completing the program, developed by Lucy Baney, President and CEO of the Access Technologies Group, students participate in job fair interviews with local employers.
Recipients must match their $15,000 awards and conduct research to determine the impact and effectiveness of their innovations. ?We look for innovations capable of serving students with disabilities but also have the potential to serve a much larger audience. Our goal is to promote evidence-based technology solutions that can lead to enhanced student achievement,? said Dr. Gray.

About the National Center for Technology Innovation

The National Center for Technology Innovation at the American Institutes for Research is funded by the U.S. Office of Special Education Programs. NCTI advances learning opportunities for individuals with disabilities by fostering technology innovation. NCTI seeks to broaden and enrich the field by providing resources and promoting partnerships for the development of tools and applications by developers, manufacturers, producers, publishers and researchers.


English180 Redefines How English is Taught with Free Interactive Method

Los Angeles, CA (May 17, 2007)–English180 responds to the need of more than 2 billion people worldwide seeking to learn English as a second language in a more engaging, interactive and enjoyable way. By leveraging the power of new technologies and combining a proven methodology developed as the result of extensive field research and thousands of hours of live coaching experience, English180 allows students to ?live the language? through real-life, practical scenarios. The lessons are delivered over the Internet free of charge, giving students the ability to take the lessons at the most convenient place and time.

?The ability to successfully communicate in English can have a profound impact on a person?s life,? said Andrés Moreno, English180?s Chief Executive Officer. ?With English180, we set out to create more than just a new teaching method–we started a global English movement focused on empowering individuals with this invaluable asset. To achieve this, we needed to completely redefine the way English was taught until now. This vision is embodied in English180?s slogan: ?Turn your life around.??

?English180 is a unique learning platform that effectively responds to the needs of a significant segment of the population and that leverages to the fullest the latest technological developments,? said Wilmer Sarmiento, English180?s Chief Technology Officer. ?We aimed to develop a revolutionary learning model that provides richer interactions with the users, thus increasing their chances of success.?

There are 35 million non-native U.S. residents that report some difficulty speaking English or said they are improving their language skills, with the Hispanic community being the largest part of that group. Many of these individuals lack the necessary English skills to access new opportunities and fulfill their American dream. As a result, many turn to high-cost, time-consuming English learning methods that fail to live up to their expectations.

English180 revolutionizes the way English as a second language is taught, by allowing students to the ?live the language? through real-life, practical scenarios delivered free of cost over the Internet. English180?s proprietary learning system was developed while coaching global employees of Fortune 500 companies, such as Procter & Gamble, Microsoft, Sun Microsystems and Pfizer. English180?s strategic alliances includes The Cisneros Group?s TV network Clase, for which it will develop TV content, allowing it toreach users through an entirely new channel.

For more information on English180, please visit


Interwrite Learning Solutions Supports Windows Vista

COLUMBIA, Md.–May 21, 2007 Interwrite Learning announces today that its Interwrite Workspace version 7.0 and Interwrite PRS version 4.2 software packages fully support the new Windows Vista operating system. Customers around the world who wish to upgrade to Windows Vista can be confident that the entire Interwrite Learning interactive classroom solution will work seamlessly with their new operating system.

Interwrite Workspace 7.0 is a next generation educational software application for creating, teaching and assessing student performance using digital content. Used in concert with an Interwrite Board, Pad, Panel or student response system, Workspace provides teachers the means to interact with any form of digital content, while engaging their students in a way never before possible.

Interwrite Workspace comes with several new notable features, including:

Interwrite Sims, a library of instructional animations that provide an engaging interactive learning experience;

Interwrite Images, a comprehensive library of educational clip art covering a diverse range of topics and grade levels;

Interwrite Lessons, an online library of searchable, state-aligned interactive lessons created by teachers;

Interwrite Multimedia, a family of integrated media tools–including Flash, video and audio player–to increase interactivity of any existing media content; and

More than 50 instructional tools that empower the teacher in their interactive classroom environment.

Interwrite PRS 4.2 is an award-winning student assessment software package that is used with the company?s infrared or radio-frequency PRS clickers. The system allows users to create quizzes and lessons within the PRS software, using Microsoft PowerPoint® slides or by importing questions developed by leading textbook publishers. Interwrite PRS software also offers a robust set of grading, reporting and data management features, such as the ability to export student results to grading packages like GradeQuick and leading learning management systems like Blackboard Learning Systems, WebCT and WebAssign®.

Features of the newly released Interwrite PRS 4.2 Software include:

? Support for Microsoft Vista and Microsoft Office 2007

? Redesign of PowerPoint toolbar add-In for Mac and Windows

? Insert PRS question ?on-the-fly? from PowerPoint

? Ability to add Flash and Animation in PowerPoint on the same slide as PRS question

? Enhancements to Reports including faster report generation and export to .rtf format

? Enhancements to Multiple Answer keys

Pricing & Availability

Interwrite Workspace and Interwrite PRS software are both available through Authorized Interwrite Resellers and will be included free with the purchase of their respective Interwrite Learning hardware products. Workspace is also available as a stand alone product for a suggested retail price of $249 (US). International pricing is available through Authorized Interwrite Distributors around the world.

Registered users of any previous version of software can upgrade to Workspace 7.0 or PRS 4.2 at no charge at Interwrite Workspace is available for Windows 2000/XP and Vista and is provided in 37 languages. Mac and Linux versions will be available summer 2007. Interwrite PRS 4.2 supports over 18 global languages and is compatible with WindowsVista/XP/200, MAC OS X®, Intel MAC® and Linux.

About Interwrite Learning

Interwrite Learning is a premier global provider of interactive learning solutions for primary, secondary and higher education markets. Interactive solutions, including the Interwrite Board, Pad and Panel all come with Interwrite Workspace, a next generation educational software application for creating, teaching and assessing student performance using digital content. Interwrite assessment solutions include Interwrite Cricket and PRS clickers, members of a powerful student response system that combines interaction and assessment to enhance classroom productivity and improve student results. Interwrite Learning has a rich 32-year history of delivering interactive solutions that are changing how the world learns.


CoSN and Local Partners Host Education Technology Clinics for K-12 Educators and Administrators

Washington, DC (May 18, 2007)–The Consortium for School Networking (CoSN) today announced four upcoming professional development training clinics to be held in California, Georgia, Maryland and Texas, designed to enhance the capacity of school district technology leaders.

"Education technology decision makers spend much of their time striving to stay current with technology and often lack the time to think about their own professional development," said Keith Krueger, CEO of CoSN. "The School District Technology Leadership/CTO Clinics are a great way to tap into the best thinking around educational technology leadership for school district leaders."

CoSN and its state chapters host the one- or two-day Clinics, which include highly interactive sessions where participants hear "best practice" case studies and share experiences with colleagues. The Clinics will be held:

May 21, in Ocean City, Maryland
Produced with the Maryland CIO Council

June 19-20, in Plano, Texas (near Dallas)
Produced with the Texas K-12 CTO Council and Louisiana Chief Technology Officers´ Association

June 27 in Atlanta, Georgia during the NECC conference
Produced with the Georgia CIO Council

July 17 in Santa Clara (near San Jose)
Produced with CEPTA/3C Council

"While there are many technology conferences, the CoSN Clinics are the best for meeting the needs of district technology decision-makers, like myself," said Ed Zaiontz, Chair of the Texas K-12 CTO Council.

Each site will offer clinics on topics ranging from: calculating the value of technology investment, using Web 2.0 tools in education, open technology solutions, IT disaster preparedness, data-driven decision making, cyber security and social networking, and data retention.

Prior to the Texas Clinic, on June 18-19, a pre-conference CTO Clinic "Check-up" will be held to enable participants to hear from Plano Independent School District (ISD) technology leaders about best practices to successfully implement and maintain technology initiatives in schools, and discuss how the practices can be implemented in their districts.

Sponsors for the CTO/CIO Clinics include: Apple, AT&T, Cisco, Dell, GaggleNet, Harcourt, HP, Promethean, Microsoft, SAS inSchool, Synscourt, Toshiba, Vericept Corporation, Verizon Business, Wimba and Xirrus.

For more information about CoSN´s CTO Clinics, please visit
About the Consortium for School Networking (CoSN)
CoSN is the country´s premier voice in education technology leadership, serving K-12 technology leaders who through their strategic use of technology, improve teaching and learning. CoSN provides products and services to support and nurture leadership development, advocacy, coalition building, and awareness of emerging technologies.

CoSN leadership initiatives include: Accessible Technologies for ALL Students (; Cyber Security for the Digital District (; Data-Driven Decision-Making ( K-12 Open Technologies (; Taking Total Cost of Ownership to the Classroom (; Value of Investment ( and the development of the Council of School District Chief Technology Officers (CTO Council).

CoSN´s membership includes a unique blend of education and technology leaders, policy makers, and influencers from the public and private sectors. Our audience includes key technology leaders (often called Chief Technology Officers–CTOs) in leading-edge states and districts, policy makers, private sector leaders, as well as those technology leaders who wish to accelerate their districts´ or states´ systemic technology use. Visit or phone 866.267.8747 to find out more about CoSN´s programs and activities supporting leadership development to ensure that information technology has a direct and positive impact on student learning in elementary and secondary schools.


Who Cares About Diversity in School? Kids Do!

New York, New York. On May 21st, the National Campaign to Restore Civil Rights will make the formal announcement of the winners of their national essay contest, "Does Diversity Matter?" at a media briefing in New York City at 1 p.m.

The essay winner is Jody Leung, 17, of Union City, CA, and the winner of the short answer portion of the contest is Laura Machado, 11 years old, of Louisville, KY. Runners up are from Seattle, Washington; San Jose, California; Ithaca, New York; New York City; and New Orleans, LA.

"NCRCR launched the essay contest in response to the Supreme Court´s consideration of two cases from Seattle and Louisville that could overturn or curtail historical advancements to promote diversity in schools," said Marianne Engelman Lado, general counsel of the New York Lawyers for the Public Interest. The Court´s decision in these cases is likely to be announced any time before July 2007. "These cases mark a turning point in the nation´s response to the Court´s unanimous 1954 decision in Brown v. Board of Education, in which the Supreme Court ruled that ´separate but equal´ has no place in the field of public education," said Cristóbal Joshua Alex, Campaign Coordinator for NCRCR.

The judges for the contest were Rev. Al Sharpton, Congresswoman Solis, Los Angeles based civil rights attorney Doreena Wong, former NBA All-star Kevin Johnson, and the American Civil Liberties Union´s Director of Racial Justice Program, Dennis Parker.

Over 1600 entries came in from around the country, with young people 12-17 writing essays on the question and kids younger than 12 sending in short statements about why diversity matters to them. "We were thrilled with both the number of entries and the thoughtful nature of the essays and statements," said Alex. "It is fitting that so many of our winners and finalists come from Kentucky and Washington, where these two Supreme Court cases originated," continued Alex.

"Our goal with this contest was to hear directly from students why they feel diversity is important in schools–and their response was loud and clear," Alex added. "These kids clearly expressed that diversity enriches their educational experience and makes the world a better place. We couldn´t agree more and we hope the Supreme Court does the same," concluded Alex.

The briefing will take place in New York City at 1:00 p.m. on Monday, May 21, at Fordham Law School, Room 430 B and C, 140 West 62nd St., NY, NY 10023. Contest winners and participants from Kentucky, the state of Washington, New York and California will be available for interview, and national experts will provide information on the cases.

The National Campaign to Restore Civil Rights is a non-partisan movement working to ensure that our courts protect and preserve equal justice, fairness, and opportunity. We achieve these goals through raising awareness, outreach, and building alliances.

For more information about NCRCR and the contest go to: