Absolute Software’s Computrac eComplete Computer Theft Recovery, Data Protection, and Secure Asset Tracking™ software helps schools securely track computers, minimize the impact of laptop theft, and comply with state and federal privacy regulations. ComputraceComplete allows IT administrators to centrally manage every computer in their district by monitoring computer movement, call history, asset leasing information, and software license compliance. With a small, stealthy, and tamper-resistant client application that reports detailed information using minimal bandwidth, it is ideal for remote and mobile PCs.

If a computer is stolen, the Absolute Recovery Team partners with law enforcement to track and recover it within 60 days, or you might be eligible to receive up to $1,000 back through Absolute’s Recovery Guarantee (terms and conditions apply). An optional Data Delete function can be used to wipe stolen computers remotely.

ComputraceComplete enables you to track and recover stolen computers; detect unauthorized software (such as chat or file-sharing utilities) or missing hardware (such as computer memory or drives); generate asset reports for upgrades, rollouts, and PC retirement; and remotely delete data on missing computers. In addition, ComputraceComplete helps with regulatory compliance by protecting data, tracking hardware, and providing audit records of your computer assets.

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